NST9050 Double Column Die Steel/Hard Steel Metal Cutting Band Sawing Machine (62145917352)

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Product Overview


Product parameter of NST-9050

Product Description



Cutting capacity (mm)

Height 500mm  width 900mm

Blade process blade speed

13-60 frequency control

Saw blade specification(mm)


Power of main motor(kw)


Power of oil-pump motor(kw)


Power of cooling-pump motor(kw)


Table height(mm)


Machine size(mm)


Vice clamp

Full hydraulic

Work tension from


Work in adjust way

Dual hydraulic valve governor

Hydraulic cooling way

Wind cooling

Chip conveyor way

Screw style auto convey

Feeding way

Feeding hydraulic platform

Machine weight

5.5 ton





Main features:

1. Double hydraulic control saw feed speed, stepless speed adjustment, sawing more stable.
2. Hydraulic tensioning with saws is easy to install and tensioning, and easy to operate and maintain.
3. Saw wire speed adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment, which can be applied to saw cutting of different materials
4. Saw-cutting is stable and has high accuracy.
5. Hydraulic pressure is used to tighten the work clip, and the operation is fast and convenient.
6. Equipped with a sawing device, the material is automatically shut down after being sawn at work, effectively extending the sawing life and improving the material utilization rate.
7. Install Chrome + grinding on the guide cylindrical surface of saw beam. The precision of the matching gap of the guide copper sleeve is matched with the precision of the small gap at the factory to ensure that the feed is smooth when sawing.
8. All hydraulic valves are selected for famous brands such as Taiwan to ensure that sawing runs smoothly.
9. The front and rear protection is also satisfied to prevent spatter and overflow to the floor of the workshop.
10. The blade angle torsion device must meet the flexible structure of the front-end preparation torsion bearing, and the hard alloy rigid guide wheel at the rear end, and has high accuracy to ensure that the saw blade runs smoothly during the sawing process.

Working environment:
1, ambient temperature above 0°C
2, air relative humidity not more than 85 %(equivalent medium humidity at 20 ± 5 °C)

Main mechanical structures
1, the foot is a steel plate welding parts, the left is a hydraulic fuel tank and hydraulic system, the right is a combination of a cooling system equipped with a cooling pump and cooling liquid.
2, beams are steel plate welding parts, consisting of worm gear reducer, saw wheel, guide device with saw bar, shield protection, saw bar tension device.
3, the band saw bar is installed on the two wheels and the guide device. After the slave wheel is tightened, it is driven by the main motor. The band saw bar can make a circular motion around the two saw wheels to achieve the main motion of the saw. The saw beam is mounted on the cylinder to guide the upward and downward movement, thus completing the retreat and advance movement.
4, the main transmission system installed on the saw beam consists of the main motor, pulley, worm wheel speed reduction box. The frequency of variable frequency motor is used to change the speed of the strip saw to meet the requirements of different materials and materials.



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