fashion sweater garment flat full jacquard knitting machine korea

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Product Overview


Product Description




7gauge/9gauge/12gauge/14gauge /16gauge
Knitting size36 inch/52inch/72inch

Main function

Transfer, jacquard, intarsia, pointel, truck, apparent shape, hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions

Knitting system

Single carriage with single system 

Knitting speed

Max knitting speed 1.6m/s. 32 speed sections controlled by servo motor.

Stitch density

32 density selection range 0-640 controlled by stepping motor, electrical fine adjust technology.

Dynamic stitch

Controlled by stepping motor, 24 segment density selection, using subdivision technology, adjustable range:0-650, more accurate control of the length of the knitwear

Rib transfer

Free transfer double ways between front and back needle at same time and no limitation by carriage movement. Transfer and knit individually.

Single or double racking

Controlled by ac servo motor racking within 2 inches and with fine adjusting function


 Servo motor and ball screw device are used to control the needle shifting range of 1-7 needles, and has precise fine-tuning function.
 Selector 6 section of electronic needle selector

Yarn roller

Positive yarn roller precisely control the tension of the yarn to guarantee the fabric quality.


Yarn carrier

The 2*3 yarn carriers are arrange on the left and the right sides of the 4 double side guide rails , can switch the position of the tip of the yarn in warp

Automatic alarm

Machine auto stop when yarn break, yarn joint stuck, fabric roll inside ,needle hit, overload, program error and program end happens.

Needle detector

 Machine auto stop when yarn break, yarn joint stuck, fabric roll inside ,needle hit, overload, program error and program end happens.

Needle detector

 Infrared sensor only detects the knitting area to avoid the miss alarming.

Control system

1. Adopt LCD touch screen and figure interface, input device: USB internal storage 8G, a great amount of design files can be stored at the same time and they can be fetched out for use at any time as per production requirements.

2. Monitoring menu: each kind of operating parameter can be shown and can be adjust at any time when the machine is running, making conveniences for operations as much as upgrade.

3. Free design system is visual and easy to understand and upgrade.(Programing software comes from "HENGQIANG CNC" or Raynen)

Data input

 USB and network.

Power off memory

 Deviced advanced CMOS technology, the knitting data and file is saved for restart knitting once power off.

Power supply device

 The whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust, the protection cover is equipped with stopping sensor, emergency stopping, power off device


 Voltage: AC 220v  Frequency: 50hz-60hz  Power:1kw-1.5kw

[1]Depends on the gauge ,yarn and the pattern etc.

[2]The actual electricity consumption is far below the marked value ,depends on the gauge and the working condition.






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