3-20KW UWET M3000 Series Electronic Transformer for UV Lamp in Printing PCB Production and Surface Coating

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Product Overview


3-20KW UWET M3000 Series  Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp in Printing PCB Production and Surface Coating 


Product Introduction

The M3000 series is a high-performance electronic rectifier developed by UWET for high-pressure mercury lamps. This series of power are advanced products with high-performance MCU as control core and excellent heat dissipation design.



1)Output characteristics: 10K-15KHz high frequency stationary square wave
2)High voltage mode: isolated boosting transformer
3)Flexible power regulation modes: digital panel, external analog, RS485 communication, multi-segment power, extended board, etc
4)Supports closed loop control of light intensity probe
5)Rich extended board: TCP/IP network board, CANOPEN board
6)Automatically matches tube pressure:automatically matches tube pressure according to lamp condition(within allowable range)
7)Automatically holds pressure function: when device is standby at stong pumping mode,it can start using of Voltage automatic hold to ensure teh power recovery quickly
8)Multiple programmable IO, AO, AI channels, real-time transmits of machine status
9)Built-in lamp tube exhaust control, built-in optimized PID control fan frequency converte

10)Control mode: power vector





Rated voltage,Frequency

three phase(4T#series)380V 50/60Hz

Voltage allowable range

Determined by model



 Determined by model


3K Hz ~20K Hz

Overload capability

110% 10min

Control Mode

vector control


Control Characteristic

Power setting



Current limitation

Power allowable setting

Voltage  limitation

110% of rated lamp tube Voltage 

power limitation

Maximum rated output power of the lamp

Under-voltage suppression in operation

Especially for users with low grid voltage and frequent fluctuation of grid voltage, even below the allowable voltage range, the system can maintain the longest running time according to unique algorithm and residual energy allocation strategy.

Typical Function


 sets standby power consumption when equipment is intermittent for energy-saving applications

Working time record   


can read lamp working time in operation

RS485 Communication

Standard Configuration RS485 Communication Interface, Running and Stopping Commands and Machine Status Reading


Using external Dry Contact Control to Start and Stop

Fault analysis    


with function of fault record query and fault cause analysis


Operation panel display



Monitor output voltage, output current, set power, output power, etc.

parameter  setting

Set the relevant parameter values according to actual requirements.


Protection / Alarm

Protection / Alarm of Over current, overvoltage, under voltage, overtemperature, short circuit, internal memory failure


Ambient temperature

-10ºC--+50ºC(not frozen)

Ambient humidity

Below 90%(no frost)

Ambient environment

Indoor (no direct sunlight, no corrosion, no flammable gas, no oil mist, no dust, etc.)



Below 1000m


degree of protection


Cooling method

Independent air-duct design forced air cooling



Model No. Applicable Lamp Power Output Voltage Range Max. Output Current Recommended Tube Voltage
M3000-4T0030 3KW(Max.) 500V-850V 7A 750V
M3000-4T1060 6KW(Max.) 800V-1000V 9A 900V
M3000-4T3120 12KW(Max.) 1200V-1700V 10A 1600V
M3000-4T5200 20 KW(Max.) 2100V-2300V 10A 2250V




 Trade Show





1. UV fast ink curing for printing industry

2. UV fast paint curing for woodwork

3. UV fast surface coating curing for rubber and plastic products

4. UV fast surface coating curing for metallic products

5. UV fast surface coating curing for electronic products

6. UV fast surface coating curing for various painting production lines











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About us 

Shenzhen UWET Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of UV intelligent power supply. It is located in Longhua District,where there are many high-tech industries. The company's R&D team is strong, and most of the R&D personnel have R&D experience of foreign companies. More than ten top experts in the industry have absorbed advanced technologies such as Italy, Austria, Germany and Japan, combined with the principle of frequency converters and the development of the domestic UV industry.It took three years to develop the company's latest product:  UV intelligent variable frequency power supply. The products have completely independent intellectual property rights,and now many technologies are in the leading level in the industry and even in the world.




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