Hot Cutting Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Portable Tool (62153239759)

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Hot Cutting Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Portable Tool


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Features of Hot Cutting Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Portable Tool:

1. The ideal way to repair most modern products which are made of plastic.

2. Strong for shock and twist after repair.

3. Stainless steel staples will not rust.

4. Wavy staple design for maximum load.

5. Quick and easy operation.

6. No training required. Learn to use in seconds.

7. Ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of you hand.

8. Staples weld into the plastic quick and easily.

9. Repairs at least 98% of the plastics on the market.

10. Perfect for repairing : cracked bumpers, head lights, plastic wings and much more.



Repair Procudure of 220v Hand Held Plastic Welder for Car Repairing Price for Sale:

-Connect HOT STAPLER to 220-250V power supply.

-The local welding temperature for the stepless adjustment, can be suitable for any thickness of the plastic material welding.

-Select the appropriate type of welding nail, insert the ideal electrode mouth.

-Weld the inner surface of the damaged part of the weld.

-Press the start button, energize the melted plastic to weld correctly.

-When melting the nails to the right position, release the button and wait a few seconds to cool the plastic.

-Repeat this work step until the nails are evenly distributed and then cut the protruding parts with an oblique pliers.





Technical Parameters of Hot Cutting Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Portable Tool:

Staples Type:0.6mm outside corner staples,0.8mm flat staples,0.8mm corner staples,0.8mm wave staples

voltage: 220v 1 ph

plug: European plug


· 1x Hot stapler unit;

· 50x 0.8mm flat staples;

· 50x 0.8mm wave staples;

· 50x 0.8mm corner staples;

· 500x 0.6mm outside corner staples;


Fit For:plastic parts of the car









Packaging & Shipping


· 1x spatula

· 1x Packaging Case

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