Dysonss air filter HP01 HP02 DP01 Models With Activated Carbon Cloth For 968125 03

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Product Overview


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1.Focused on air purifier filters for nearly 10 years with single item filter test report,strictly control of raw materials and quality.
2.We have a full range of Sharp filter models and the ability to develop new filters.
3.Support OEM & ODM according to the customer's specifications and requirements.

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Product Name
Replacement Round HEPA Filter Cartridge HP01 HP02 DP01 Models With Activated Carbon Cloth For 968125-03
Purple and White (Customized)
360° Composite HEPA and Nano Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter
Accepted,Color,Filter Efficiency,Antibaterial etc.

Suitable for :

Dyson Air Filter  305214-01


Function :

There are three layers of the filter.
The first layer is filtered by 0.5 micron, the second layer by 0.1 micron, and the third layer by 0.02 micron.

1. Sterilization, antibacterial, filter large and fine particles.
2.Remove PM2.5 smog, dust.
3. Remove formaldehyde, odor, benzene, TVOC.

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Carton Packing

Accepted customized packaging and thicker packing.

Express Delivery Ways

DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS etc.

Provide you with economical and effective ways of transportation.


Fast express delivery service.

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1.Q:Are you the trader or manufacturer?
A:We are manufacturer specialized in air purifier filters, industrial air filter (Primary-efficiency panel filters,Medium-effciency bag filters and High-efficiency HEPA filters) and household air filters (HEPA filters,Activated carbon filters,Composite filters and Carbon cloth filter) etc.

2.Q:Can you customize our own products?

A:Yes, we can. Both the product and the packaging can be customized.We offer OEM and ODM service.

3.Q:How about the price of the product?
A:The price of the product you see is a reference price. The price of our products is made according to the quantity of the product. The more the demand is, the more favorable the price of the product is. The details can be consulted for us. Glad to serve you.

4.Q:Delivery and transportation
A:After the payment of the goods, we will arrange the production for the first time, the shortest time to deliver.The freight rates are different in different countries and regions. We will provide the most suitable transportation method to you.(Express ,air or sea can also be accepted.)Please consult us for details. Glad to serve you.

5.Q:What about the after-sales service?
A:Our company is responsible for the supplied product within its usage life.

6.Q:How can I quickly contact you?

A: Warmly welcome to send us inquiry.

If you have a question, simply send us a quick message or email. We try to answer all questions and/or inquiries within 24 hours.

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