20m PTFE Adhesive Tape Seal Tape PTFE For Plastic and Metal Thread Sealant. (62157890511)

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HiGlue 55 PTFE Pipe Thread Seal String Cord.  

a, HiGlue 55 pipe thread seal cord - 50m pipe sealing cord is a new, faster, more versatile pipe sealant which out-dates traditional tapes and hemp/pastes combinations. 

b, no-curing instant seal all metal and plastic thread joint permanently and safely. 

c, Readjustment and immediately fully pressure sealing.

d, High Temperature resistance: -55℃ ~ +150℃ ,High Pressure resistance.

e, Easy to Assemble & disassemble.

f, Eco-friendly and easy to transport over all countries. Quite suitable for those country who is quite strict of Glue custom clearance. This Seal String is environment friendly so fast custom clearance.


1. The string can be used for all kinds of metal and plastic pipe, valve, faucet seal.

2. Good at fix Gas ,water potable water & LPG leak.
EN 751-2: we passed EN 751-2 test on 15th August,2017. Based on EN 751-2:1996 standard. We have adjust our cord to good wet state for adhesion to metallic surfaces. Also include more tests: corrosive, storage, sealing, soundness, soundness after adjustment, resistance to gas condensates, resistance to hot water, temperature cycling and vibration, hardening and dismantling test.

MSDS: It's about safety, storage, stability, reactivity, eco-friendly, Non dangerous for shipment test.

TEMPERATURE: After -50°C and +180°C, 12h aging test, it's still in good state of elongation and strength.
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