Plastic Extrusion Machinery Lab Twin Screw PP Functional Masterbatch Granules Production Line Extruder

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Product Overview


Plastic Extrusion Machinery Lab Twin Screw PP Functional Masterbatch Granules Production Line Extruder

Product Parameters


Equipment ModelKTE-36A
Screw Diameter(mm)35.6
Screw Length To Diameter Ratio28-52
Screw Speed(r/min)500
Main Motor Power(KW)18.5
Screw Torque(N.m)138
Torque Level(T/A³)5.1
Typical Operating Capacity(kg/h)20~60

Product Description

Lab twin-screw extruder can test even only a small amount of material, especially for color-matching, raw material evaluation, new formula research and development and pre-screening for pre-mixing materials.

The machine is handy and convenient with attractive price-performance ratio, and is the best choice for various institutes labs,universities and research institutes.


Main features:
Very low energy-consumption
Quiet operation
can process standard-sized granules

Self-cleaning capacity

Universities cooperate with us:

Harbin Institute of Technology

Zhengzhou University

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Changsha University of Technology

Thailand Suranaree University of Technology(Food Engineering Department)

Holland colours Indonesia,etc

Material Process

water-cooling strands pelletizer:

1. high-sped mixer 2. solids-conveyer 3. main feeder 4. side feeder 5. side feeder
6. twin-screw extruder 7. water trough 8. air-knife 9. pelletizer 10. product container
1.Fiber reinforcement: glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced PP,PA,PBT,ABS,AS,PC,POM,PPS,PET,PPO,PSF,LCP,etc.
2.Ploymer blending :bleding of PC+ABS, PA+ABS,CPE+ABS,PP+EPDM,PA+SBS,etc.
3.Incorporation of fillers :CaCO3,Tale,TiO2,carbon black filled PE,PP,or EVA etc.
4.Cable Compounds:cable sheath,cable insulation compounds of LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,MDPE;radiation-crosslinkable compounds ,optical fiber protection compounds ,heat-shrinkable polymer compounds. 
5.Special Compounds :PPR pipe compounds,PE compounds for crosslinked pipes,tobacco filter 
6.High Concentration Color Masterbatches: PE,ABS,PS,EVA,PET,PP etc. With high concentration of pigments and other procrssing aids.
7.Masterbatches with Flame Retardants:PP,PA,ABS,EVA,PBT etc.with flame retardants and other
8.Special Functional Masterbatches :Masterbatches with anti-static,anti-abcteria ,or other 
special functional fillers.
9.Masterbatches for Degradable Polymers:PP,PE,PS etc. Blended with high concentration of starch and other processing aids.


Air-cooling strands pelletizer system

1. high-sped mixer 2. solids-conveyer 3. main feeder 4. side feeder 5. belt conveyor
6. air-knife


This Pelletizing extruder is used to the PP non woven Fabric masterbatch, PS Anti-flame masterbatch, Degradable masterbatch, etc.


Air-cooling hot-face pelletizer

1. high-sped mixer 2. solids-conveyer 3. feeder 4. twin-screw extruder
5. ari-cooling hot-face pelletizer 6.cyclone 7.vibrating sleve

Application :
Enforcing modification PE,EVA etc.+CaCO3 ,talc,TiO2,carbon black.
Degradable master batch:PE,PS etc. + starch,additive etc.
Anti-flame master batch :PE,EVA etc. +Sb2O3,Mg(OH)3 etc.


water-ring hot-face pelletizer



1. high-speed mixer 2. main feeder 3. side feeder 4. twin-screw extruder

5. water ring granulator 6. centrifugal off-water machinery 7. vibrating sieve

8. product container
1.PE,EVA etc. ,filled with CaCO3,talc,TiO2,carbon black etc.
2.Cable sheath , cable insulation compounds of LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,or MDPE;
3.PPR pipe compounds,PE compounds for crosslinked pipes;
4.TPR,TPU TPV thermoplastic elastomers; EVA and hot-melt adhesives 
5.Color concentrates of PE,ABS,PS,EVA etc;
6.Flame retardant masterbatcher of ABS,EVA etc;
7.Masterbatches with PE,PP,PS etc. As carriers for degradation applications.

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Packaging & Shipping




A:Where is our factory?
We are in No.11,boai road,lukou street,jiangning district,nanjing city,jiangsu porvince,china
B:How to get to our factory?
(1)You can get to the lukou airport directly,then,connecting us and we will pick you up by car
(2)You can take the train to nanjing south station,then,taking the subway to get to xingyulunan station,we will pick you up by car
C:Why choose us?
(1)We have complete system of designing of extrusion equipment
(2)We can privide thre perfect extrusion management solutions and extrusion equipment
(3)We could make you in a leading position in the industry
D:What's the payment method?
L/C,T/T,Western union
E:Can you see the running machine in our factory?
Yes.Before making your decision buying the equipment or not,you can bringsome material here to test-run the equipment
F:How long of the warranty time?
Our warranty period is 1 year

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