3D Acoustic Wall Panel Leaf Polyester Fiber Acoustic Diffuser Panel For Recording Studio

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Product Overview


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Product Description

Our 3D polyester fiber sound insulation board is made of recycled plastic (mainly plastic bottles), a high-quality environmental friendly material. The production process is completely physical and environmentally friendly, without waste water, emissions, waste and adhesives. The porosity of the sound insulation panel makes it have sound absorption and heat insulation properties.

Our products have passed the certification of professional testing institutions and have good sound insulation effect. The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of our products is 0.85-0.95, which means that 85% of the noise is absorbed by the panel, and only 5%-15% is reflected back to the room. In addition, you can also order professional refractory sound insulation panels to better protect your life. The special processing technology is that the sound insulation board has excellent flame retardancy and fire resistance.

Our products are carefully designed. 3D sound insulation panels are more beautiful and have a sense of design than ordinary sound insulation panels. The product has different shapes and colors to meet the requirements of different levels of sound absorption and decoration. We can not only customize products according to your requirements, but also have a special design department to provide you with design services.

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Compared with ordinary sound-absorbing board products, our products have higher density, smoother surface, thicker thickness and better quality.


Brand name
3D Acoustic Panels
Meeting room,Office space,Home,Hospital,School,Night club,Music room,KTV,Cinema,Reading room,Hall,Library,Classroom
500*500mm,300*300mm or Customized
48 kinds of color for your choice, Customized
Evironment grade
E0, NO formaldehyde
level B1
Supply Ability
1000pcs one day
Carton box(can provide plastic package each pieces)
Place of Origin
L/C,T/T,Western Union.
50pcs one time

Our products have 48 colors to choose from. You can also customize the color, size, shape and weight. We will provide you with the best service.

Application scenario

Our 3D sound-absorbing panels can be directly used as decorative covering materials, which are suitable for various scenes, such as studios, home cinemas, concert halls, schools, offices, KTVs and other places where sound insulation and modern decoration coexist, helping to block, attenuate and diffuse sound. You can also develop more uses according to your own needs.

This product is made of 100% polyester fiber, which can be 100% recycled, natural and environmentally friendly, and harmless to human body. It is durable, easy to use and easy to process. It can be made into various shapes and colors according to different needs. We also accept customization. You only need to provide CAD drawings. In addition, we have departments that can provide design services.

Installation Instructions

Installation - Method 1
If the back of the 3D soundproof panel is hollow, install sponge on the back, and then glue it to the wall or use screws (minimum 3.5mm x 32-42mm screws) to directly install the 3D soundproof panel to the wall.

Installation - Method 2
If the back of the 3D soundproof panel is solid, glue it directly to the wall or use screws (minimum 3.5mm x 32-42mm screws) to directly install the 3D soundproof panel to the wall.

Packing & Delivery

Good Packing Protect Your Goods
We not only provide you the best quality products, but also the best packing to protect your goods safety

Normal Packaging
The normal package is woven bag or catton (Size: 1240*2440*120mm).

1. normally 20ft container can load 870 sheets of acoustic panels
2. 40ft high container can load 2200 sheets of acoustic panels

Company Profile

Suzhou Zhuoyue Meihua Acoustic Naterial Technology Co.,Ltd. is a camprehensive enterprise focusing on the research,development, production and sales of acoustical technical materials. lts main business is polyester fiber sound absorber,saund abaorber cotton, wood sound absorber,wood silk sound absorber, sound ineuiationfelt and other acoustic materials, and its products are polyeater fiber sound absorber.The raw material is imported polyester fiber,which has the characteristics of environmental protection, fire prevention,heat insulation, moisture-proof,mildew-proof,dust removal, easy cutting,splicing, simple construction and good costperformance.

We have many world-famous partners, and our business scope covers more than ten countries.

Our products have passed the professional testing of CE CERT.,ISO9001,SGS CERT.,SUPPLIER,SGS CERT. and other institutions, which can guarantee the sound insulation effect to you.

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Q: Do you have any other sizes?
Sure. We recommend 300 * 300mm and 500 * 500mm sizes for square 3D sound-absorbing panels, and 1200 * 2400mm sizes for rectangular 3D sound-absorbing panels. You can ask our salesman for the recommended sizes for various special-shaped products. Whether it is regular shape or special-shaped products, we can customize them according to the size you need.

Q: Is there any way to improve the sound insulation effect of 3D sound absorption panel? 
If you pay more attention to the sound-absorbing effect, we strongly recommend that you install sound-absorbing boards with batons. However, if you pay more attention to the decorative effect of the sound-absorbing board, we recommend that you use black or gray screws to screw the panel directly into the wall through the acoustic felt backing. This method also has a certain sound insulation effect.

Q: On which surfaces can 3D sound absorption panels be installed? 
The sound absorption panel series can be easily installed on any surface, including brick walls, concrete walls and gypsum board walls. You can decorate your walls, doors, ceilings, etc.

Q: Are samples provided?
Samples which are available in warehouse can be offered free.
We usually charge 3 times the price for the production of new samples and make payment after meeting the formal order of the minimum order quantity.

Q: Do you have design services?
Yes, we have a design department, so we can make new designs according to your needs.

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