Siheng Close loop stepper motor driver controller price For cnc machine

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Product Overview


      SH - CL86BH is my company based on years of experience in research and development of low pressure servo system, a new type of low-voltage hybrid servo products, this product USES the latest DSP digital processing chip and advanced technology, current and frequency conversion control algorithm for device manufacturers provide a cost-effective hybrid servo drive solutions.Sh-CL86BH is compact in structure, compact in volume, space-saving, and reduces electromagnetic interference between lines.Better vibration technology and low heat technology are adopted to effectively solve the problems of heat, vibration and noise of motor and driver, and low heat, green and environmental protection.
Note: if the power input is dc, the input range is 24-110vdc!!!!

2.Use environment and parameters
Cooling way
Natural cooling or forced air cooling
Environment situation
Do not put it beside other heating equipment.Do not put it beside other heating equipment. gas.If the humidity is too high and the vibration conductive dust are prohibited.
-5 ℃- +45℃
Keep the temperature
-20 ℃- +65℃
Using an altitude
3.Structural dimension drawing
        SH - CL86BH drives can match any type of structure, stand 60 and 86 two-phase hybrid motor frame, the department is mainly recommended 3.0 NM and 4.5 NM and 8.5 NM and the mixture of 12 NM servo motor, also can match the other vendors a mixture of servo motor, encoder line number 250-5000 line, but need to contact with our company, provide the motor parameters, according to different motor matching related procedures.If you have higher requirements for low-speed vibration or high-speed performance, please contact our company. Our company will write the algorithm matching the motor according to the motor parameters, and the motor will show perfect performance.
4.Heat dissipation considerations
     The reliable operating environment temperature of the driver is usually within -5℃ ~45℃, the temperature of the driver is within 65℃ when the driver is working, and the temperature of the motor is within 70℃ when the driver is working. When necessary, a fan is installed near the driver to force heat dissipation, so as to ensure that the driver works within the reliable operating temperature range.
2.Control signal interface circuit
        SH-CL86BH driver signal input interface can be differential signal input, single-end input of common anode signal and single-end input of common cathode signal, built-in high-speed photoelectric isolation coupler;The output is OC output with open collector of triode, and the interface is as follows:
3. Control signal timing diagram
     To avoid some missteps and deviations, PUL-, DIR- and ENA- should meet certain requirements, as shown below:
IIII.Dial code switch setting
      SH-CL86BH digital integrated low-voltage servo driver adopts 8-bit dial-code switch to set subdivision accuracy (electronic gear ratio), initial direction of motor rotation, self-test and function mode selection.Detailed description is as follows:
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    Shanghai Siheng motor co., LTD.we have through ISO9001,and CE certificate,we are adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence" .We promise the excellent quality, reasonable prices, value service, look forward to your guidance and sincere cooperation.
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