New and hot sale 220V/110V car headlight restoration kit (62165551383)

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New and hot sale 220V/110V car headlight restoration kit


Headlight Restoration Kit brighten and restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog light and directional lights.
The link is only for cup+cover+cable,if you need liquid please check the other links in our store.
We ship it by Netherlands Post or China register post ,the shipping time will be 25-30 days for Europe countries,other countries such as South Africa,need about 45-90 days.And maybe these two parcels arrive early or late,please wait patiently.If you need fast shipping methods,please contact with us to check the shipping cost.
How to use:
 1,use sand paper to polish the lenses one by one,P180P360P600P800P1000.(polished time can be slightly longer. Manual operation of a variety of sandpaper grinding time of about 2-3min (try to control in this time, the time is too short grinding is not complete, too long damage to the lamp), to keep the lamp surface is polished in a humid environment; , Must continue to spray to the lamp surface, high heat generated under the heat, and its easy to damage the headlights, while grinding time can be shortened.For deeper scratches or cracks could use P150/P180 to polish)
 2,pour 80-100ml liquid into the cup,heat aout 3 minutes,then approach the cup to the lense,the steam will make the lense shining again(keep 1cm away from the lense).Let it cool down and recycle the liquid after restoration.
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headlight repare  set (1).jpgheadlight repare  set (2).jpgheadlight repare  set (3).jpg

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