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Hot Sales high Quality Basic fitness Wrist Gyro Power Exercise Autostart Power Ball

Product Description

You have just selected one of the world’s most perfectly balanced instruments. it is a precisely crafted gyroscope, which is made of best quality materials. Besides ,the new high-tech system  can help you use the gyroscope freely and breezily.

As with all refined products, there are certain procedures that you should follow to achieve maximum enjoyment while using your gyro ball .So, we recommend you read these instructions carefully as follows:


How to start your new gyro ball:

Actually, Starting this gyro ball is very simple. you only need to make some practice and then you can master this skills. Now, we recommend you proceed as follows:


Step1: Take the gyro ball in your hands with the rotating core facing up and then use both of you thumbs to turn the rotator again and again ,up to the corresponding elastic core position along with the arrow direction.




Step2: Hold the gyro ball tightly and then release yours thumbs off the rotator immediately, the rotator will be running at the speed of 1500 to 3000 rpm. At the same time ,turn your palm down slowly rotating your wrist to get the power to maintain the existing gyro ball or higher than the starting speed.




Step3: When you turn the core speed up gradually , you will feel the same synchronous growing reacting power on your wrist and your arm with the rotating gyroscope. when you reduce the circle diameter your wrist draw , the speed will be up . The smaller the circle diameter, the faster the rotation of the core will be .Meanwhile ,the more difficult the wrist will feel to move.





 The gyro ball can be used as one exercise tool.


Gyro ball is an extremely flexible exercise tool ,which helps people to build power in the arms, wrists and fingers. This unique function makes it of particular benefit to enthusiasts of many different types of sport such as basketball, Tennis, badminton , and all other activities demanding increased power in the arms, hands and wrists. It is great for musicians too! Drummers, guitarists, pianists (Almost of all musicians!) will benefit from the increased power and strengthen dexterity that an gyro ball will give them! However, as with all forms of exercise, you should never attempt to over exert yourself with this product and should consult a physician if in any doubt about your personal level of fitness.


The gyro ball can assist body to restore to health.


Gyro ball will generates the same synchronous growing reacting power with the effort expended by the user. At the lower speed, it is also a very effective tool  release soothe , recuperate sore and damaged limbs, or help reduce the inflammation caused by Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI or Tendonitis. This gyro ball is totally non impact. Of course ,like other sports equipments, please act it according to your ability. if any doubt on your health, please consultant the professional doctor.


Matters need attention:

  • Persons with heart disease is not allowed use this product.

  • gyro ball is suitable for people of different ages. However, it is recommended that children  under 12  act it supervised by an adult.

  • Don’t  touch  the rotor if it is spinning at high speeds - it will burn!

  • DO NOT DROP the ball at any time - the heavy rotor will damage the inner surface of the sphere.

  • Please keep the inner part of the ball clean and keep any form of lubricant or oil contamination off it.

  • Slow  speeds  is  for adjunctive therapy  - high speeds for body building fun.

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