FTTH Terminal Box 8 Port Fiber Distribution Box With LGX PLC Splitter

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Product Overview


Product Description

FTTH Terminal Box

I. Product Introduction

Fiber Terminal boxes designed to meet the market demand are divided into direct fusion type, adapter type, box type and insert type. High quality cold rolled steel, stainless steel or composite materials are used in the box. It is mainly applicable to the corridor or outdoor splitting points under FTTH access mode. It is suitable for primary or secondary spectroscopy of FTTH. The advantages of secondary spectroscopy are particularly obvious. Bypass fiber connection function is also introduced.

The direct melting type is compact in size and has various configurations. It is especially suitable for the first-order light-splitting mode, which is placed in corridors, weak electric wells and other occasions.

The socket type optical splitter box adopts modular design and has two to four (eight) expansion slots. It can insert the optical splitter into the slot. By flexibly increasing the number of optical splitters to achieve port expansion, optical splitting modules with different capacities have versatility and interchangeability. A fused fiber disc is also provided for the connection of the up-link optical cable. The storage of tail fiber is fixed by adapter, and no jump connection is realized. High quality cold rolled steel or stainless steel is used for the material of the box. The product is mainly used in the FTTH access mode of the corridor splitting points. It is suitable for primary or secondary spectroscopy of FTTH. The advantages of secondary spectroscopy are particularly obvious.

The flexible configuration of clip splitters can save initial investment for operators.

The card splitter integrates the light splitter and the adapter, which greatly facilitates the construction of the project and reduces the damage caused by the improper construction or storage of the conventional box splitter. 1:4 and 1:8 use one slot, 1:16 occupies two slots, 1:32 occupies four slots.

The storage of the card tail is fixed by SC adapter. When the customer is not open, the upper tail fibers berth here, realizing no jump connection.

Uplink Optical Cable: 24-core capacity, conventional accommodation of 2 optical cables into (special design can be selected into 4-6 cables, special requirements should be specified when ordering). Butterfly Fiber Cable Output: Butterfly Fiber Cable connects SC Butterfly Fiber Cable Tail Fiber or Fast Connection Head to User End, 32 (64) Core. Cable entry mode: indoor up/down, outdoor down.

2. Characteristic and structure description:

1: The box body is made of PC/ABS alloy material and its service life is more than 20 years.

2: Double-layer structure design, the upper layer is the optical splitter wiring layer, the lower layer is the optical fiber fusion layer.

3. Main technical parameters (meeting the requirements of YD/T988-2007 communication optical cable handover box)
1: Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃;
2: Storage temperature: -40℃~+70℃;
3: Working humidity: ≤90%(+30℃);
4: Atmospheric pressure: 62Kpa~106Kpa;
5: Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance between grounding device and box metal workpiece is not less than 2X104MΩ/500V(DC).
6: Voltage withstanding: The voltage withstanding between the grounding device and the box metal workpiece is not less than 3000V(DC)/1min.
7: Insertion loss: IL ≤ 0.3dB (PC type); IL ≤ 0.3dB (APC type);
8: Echo loss: RL ≥ 40dB (PC type); RL ≥ 50dB (UPC type); RL ≥ 60dB (APC type);
9: Exchangeability: ≤0.2dB.

Specification parameter :

Adapter type
Outer Jacket
Splitter, Adaptor&Pigtail
Life span
>30 years
8 Ports
Operating/Installation Temperature
-40 ~ +80 c
FTTH ,CATV System,Telecom,communication cables

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A1- We are Factory with ISO9001-2015 and ETL Certification , it verified by Intertek .

Q2- Can I negotiate the prices ?
A2- Yes, we can provide better discount for valued customers.

Q3- Can you do OEM service ?
A3- Yes, we can print your LOGO on the products.

Q4- How about your delivery time ?
A4- Generally, it will take 3-5 working days. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

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A5- Our products are manufactured strictly in terms of ISO9001-2015 and we provide high-quality and reliable products.

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A6- We will Return the payment or Re make the order if it's our production quality problem.Our engineers will provide best
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Q7- Can you provide free samples ?
A7- Yes, we can provide free samples, some high value samples cost can return to customer after order too.

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A8- T/T 15-30% as deposit, and 70-85% before delivery. We can support Credit to some of valued and familiar customers.

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