M338 Barber shop light barber sign Barber Pole

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Company Information

We product barber pole since 2006.We are the one who export most barber pole in China by now.good quality and service. Our barber pole export to North America, Europ, Southeast, South America, Australia---more than 50 countries. 

Our Service

We are an OEM factory, we can customize the barber pole for you. Such as color, pattern, voltage, plug, package, cord length, rotating speed, and so on.....

Product Description


1.Rotating inner cylinder, High quality long useful life time permanent-magnet synchronism motor .

2.Easy to install stainless wall mount, equipped with bracket ,swell plastic button and tapping screw.

3.With light inside the cylinder .

4.Acrylic outer cylinder, clear and solid.

5.Various pattern for your choice, we can also design the pattern as your request, add your logo, words, pictures......

6.1.5 meter power cord with two on/off switch that each for the motor and light! You can control the rotating and light separately.

7. Safe and professional packages for choice, makes the barber pole safe during shipping.

8. We got ABCD 4 length for this model.


1.Question: Can the barber pole install outside?
Answer: Yes, it do can bear normal rain, sunshine. But we suggest to install under some cover such as the roof and eave, that can lengthen its useful life time.

2.Question: Can the barber pole rotate? Does it have light inside?
Answer: Yes, it got a motor inside, and it also got light inside. We have two switches on the power cord. One control the motor, another control the light.

3.Question: What is this product, what does it used for?
Answer: Barber pole was the sign of barber shop from the past to today,but it also can be used for advertising telephone,computer,clothes,beverage etc. in the current business advertisement.

Below is the history of barber pole for your reference:

In the Middle Ages, hair was not the only thing that barbers cut. They also performed surgery, tooth extractions, and bloodletting. French authorities drew a fine distinction between academic surgeons (surgeons of the long robe) and barber surgeons (surgeons of the short robe), but the latter were sufficiently accepted by the fourteenth century to have their own guild, and in 1505 they were admitted to the faculty of the University of Paris. As an indication of their medical importance, Harry Perelman points out that Ambroise Pare, "The father of modern surgery and the greatest surgeon of the Renaissance," began as a barber surgeon.

The barber pole as a symbol of the profession is a legacy of bloodletting. The barber surgeon's necessities for that curious custom were a staff for the patient to grasp (so the veins on the arm would stand out sharply), a basin to hold leeches and catch blood, and a copious supply of linen bandages. After the operation was completed, the bandages would be hung on the staff and sometimes place outside as advertisement. Twirled by the wind, they would form a red & white spiral pattern that was later adopted for painted poles. The earliest poles were surmounted by a leech basin, which in time war transformed into a ball.

One interpretation of the colors of the barber pole was that Red represented the blood, Blue the veins, and White the bandages. Which has been retained by the modern BARBER POLE.

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