ASIC innosilicon Turbo 24Th/s 30Th/s bitcoin miner T2T with lianli power supply (62177121964)

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New ASIC innosilicon Turbo 24Th/s 30Th/s bitcoin miner T2T with lianli power supply

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11.jpgbitcoin miner T1.jpgINNOSILICON-T2T-30T.jpgt2t25.jpgTOMAX-Innosilicon-.jpg


Buyer Feedback

Our products are recognized by our customers both in packaging and in quality. Our company focuses on providing miners with practical benefits to them.


Simple view for atvantages for doing business with us

1) The store solemnly promises: not only the second-hand mining machine sold in this shop, the shop provides free packaging, cleaning and dust removal services, and accepts mining machinery futures booking, domestic and foreign mining machine hosting, rental and sales hash rate.

2) 100% protection for your safety through Alibaba Trade Guarantee

3) The scheduled machine needs to pay the full amount in advance.

4) Shipped by DHL, UPS, FeDex, depending on which is faster

5) can help save local customs clearance

6) 100% original and brand new

7) For second-hand mining machines, we offer 48 hours after-sales for customers, but do not support returns. Our company does not assume any responsibility for more than the time.

8)New miner The new miners don't provide warranty. The new miners we sell are brand new and unopened. If there are any quality problems, customers can go to the local official after-sales service for repair. The new miners have a 180-day official warranty. Customers can contact the official after sales directly.

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