TEG dehydration unit TEG gas dehydration unit Gas dehydration unit for natural gas

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The dehydration unit of feed gas is wet natural gas purification, and the unit capacity is 150x104 . The elasticity of operation is 150-100%  and the annual production time is 8000 hours.


The device adopts about 99.74% (wt) triethylene glycol (TEG dehydrating agent, removing the most saturated water in wet natural gas purification, purification by TEG absorber after dehydration dry gas (in the factory water dew point pressure condition < - 5 c) as a commodity to outside gas pipeline.


After water absorption, TEG is regenerated by the method of atmospheric pressure fire tube heating and regeneration. After heat exchange, the heat-depleted liquid is cooled and returned to the TEG absorption tower after pressurization for recycling.


The gas-forming components produced by the regeneration of the rich liquid are mainly water vapor and contain a small amount of hydrocarbons and gases.


In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and avoid direct emissions of environmental pollution, the recycled waste gas from the sulfur recovery device is discharged into the atmosphere after burning in the exhaust gas burning furnace.




1. TEG dehydration process is simple, mature technology, compared with other dehydration method can obtain a larger dew point drop. Good thermal stability. It is easy to regenerate and has the advantages of small loss, low investment and operation cost.


2. A lean/rich liquid heat exchanger is installed before the lean liquid circulating pump, which not only improves the operating conditions of the circulating pump, but also increases the temperature of TEG rich liquid into the triethylene glycol regenerator, effectively recovering part of the heat and reducing the consumption of fuel gas for regeneration.


3. Set a filter on the rich liquid channel to remove the mechanical impurities and degradation products carried in the solution system, keep the solution clean and prevent the solution from foaming, which can reduce the loss of the solvent and is conducive to the long-term stable operation of the device.

The direct fire tube heating method adopted in TEG regeneration is mature, reliable and easy to operate.


Technical parameters






 Inlet gas condition 
1Flow150X104 Nm3/d
2Inlet Pressure4.86-6.15 MPa
3Inlet Temperature-48.98℃
 Outlet gas condition 
4Flow284.4X104 Nm3/d
5Outlet pressure4.7-5.99 MPa
6Outlet temperature-50.29℃
9Water dew point<-5℃



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