Экспозиционная машина для шелкотрафаретной печати (62182706811)

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Silk Screen Printing Exposure Machine /Common exposure machine  

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1. The stencil vacuum adsorption and high-elastic blanket make the stencil and the film closely fit, and the negative film pattern is reproduced.  

2, the use of high-performance vacuum compressor, vacuum adsorption, excellent recovery performance.
3. Quick-start type complete exposure system; the light intensity is stable and uniform, and the exposure pattern lines are fine.
4. After the vacuum inhalation process is completed, the exposure process begins, and the vacuum adsorption and exposure processes are integrated.


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Exposure Machine10.jpgExposure Machine01.jpgExposure Machine02.jpgExposure Machine03.jpgExposure Machine06.jpgExposure Machine08.jpg

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1. Turn on the main power switch and the indicator light is on. Before the heating tube heats up, you must first turn on the motor switch, that is, the left line or the other line. When the machine is walking, adjust the speed control switch to make the oven shape reach the speed you need. .

2. Turn on the rapid knob and the heating tube is in the state to be opened. The heat-off control switch can be turned on once as needed to make the required heat-generating tube heat up, and the corresponding indicator light is on.

3. The fan speed switch can be turned on as needed, and one speed switch can control two fans.

4. When the machine is going to the right, if you want to make it to the left, you must first press the stop button and then press the left control button to make it left.

5. When the machine is walking, encounter obstacles and stop moving forward. After a few seconds, the buzzer will be called and the heating tube will stop heating to avoid damage to the table and the obstacles will be eliminated. When the oven continues to move forward, the buzzer stops beeping and the heating tube automatically recovers from fever.

6. When the machine walks to both ends, the stopper will collide with the limit bar, and the oven will automatically go back. If the motor stops for too long, the 0-10S hour in the electrical box can be adjusted down. The limit bar can be moved freely, but it must be in place where the limiter can be touched.

7. When the end stops, the motor will walk to the end of the table, no longer automatically go back, all power is cut off, if you want to boot, do not turn off the end stop.

8. When the machine is not in use, it must be stopped at the end of the countertop without a platen.

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