Large Parasol Cheap Beach umbrella With Led Light / Patio Sunshade Umbrella Garden Cantilever Umbrella For Outdoor

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Led Outdoor Umbrella Patio Sunshade Umbrella Outdoor Cantilever Aluminum Umbrella 

Mojia Large outdoor umbrellas are fashionable, exquisite workmanship and high quality,with features of Sunshade, UV-resistant, Waterproof, direction adjustable .The umbrellas are suitable for outdoor use in villas, gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, plazas, gardens, entertainment venues, etc..

Product Name
Led Outdoor Umbrella Patio Sunshade Umbrella Outdoor Cantilever Aluminum Umbrella 
aluminum alloy
3m dia

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FAQ For Patio Umbrellas

Q: Do I need to buy a stand/base?

A: That depends on the which shade umbrella you decide to buy. Some of them are just the pole and the canopy and the base is sold separately. While others come with a weighted base and stakes you can use to tie it down with. Do your research on the specific umbrella you choose to buy.

Q: Will the canopy fade over time?

A: Yes, over time, the canopy is going to fade. It doesn't matter which umbrella or color you choose to buy, with enough exposure to the elements, fading will occur.
You can limit the amount of fading by choosing a lighter color. For example, red is a beautiful color but it is likely to fade much faster than beige. Also, if you keep the umbrella closed when it is not in use, it will extend the life of not only the color but of the umbrella as a whole.

Q: What should I use as a weight to keep the umbrella from blowing away?

A: Most large outdoor umbrellas come with a warning not to use it if the wind is stronger than 10 MPH. But if you want to weight the base of the umbrella for those gentle breezes, there are several options.
Some bases come with watertank that you can fill with water or sand. Marble stone and rocks are also options for securing the base. Whatever you choose to use, make sure it is securely held in place to prevent potential injuries or damage to the umbrella.

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