AA4C automatic car wash machine car washing machine system touchless car washing machine AA-TCW7

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7 type arm touchless car washing machine , achieve a qualitative leap in washing machine industry with the concept of the world's top touchless washing design, domineering appearance , fully automated washing systems,smooth operation control.


 Advanced design concept, very human

1...360 degrees Rotating arm , clean the car body at the maximum Angle,  clean the blind area  thoroughly

2.Voice broadcast, LED screen instruction,  guide vehicles to appropriate cleaning position, then start. Otherwise, the machine will not work.

3.Remote control. Each machine is equipped with remote control, which can perform remote one-key operation, convenient and easy to operate.

4.Rinse the front and rear of the car repeatedly. Wash the dirty front hood and rear of the car repeatedly

5.Automatically identify the reflector position and flush .


Powerful automatic detection, early warning, safe and reliable


7 type arm touchless car washing machine ,  USES multiple intelligent ultrasonic detection systems to automatically detect the length and width of the vehicle, adjust according to the detection data. It always keeps a distance of 20-25cm from the  machine body. Before operation, all the sensing, motion and control modules will be scanned for safety detection, hidden dangers will be found in advance. Power supply, undervoltage, overvoltage and overload will be monitored in real time. High-power motor also adopts advanced thermal detection technology.



360 degrees Rotating arm, wash a car as soon as 100 seconds, fully reduce the washing cost


The 7-arm flagship machine, uses the same nozzle to spray and spray various car wash liquid, with different pipes, automatically exchange, and reasonable design. It can  liquefy  a variety of car shampoo into mist,  evenly spray to various parts  of the body .Through the most advanced high-precision ratio technology, accurate measurement system , it can achieve better results with less  dosage.




Car wash procedures are divided into standard cleaning and Fine armor cleaning.


·         Fine armor to wash: The cleaning and glazing is completed synchronously, at the same time of cleaning, the magic color glazing is completed synchronously to make the paint surface color more bright and beautiful. Besides, added a kind of crystal coating wax water,  it achieves the function of super protective paint, acid rain prevention, pollution prevention, uv erosion prevention




Advanced embedded quick air drying system.


Four high pressure fans, streamlined circular tuyere, greatly reduce the wind pressure loss and gather into long-distance high pressure airflow, direct to the body surface, for both tall SUV or low body sports car, can achieve rapid air drying.




Machines are very intelligent .


Contains machine automatic maintenance function, breakdown self check function   (abnormal conditions occures, fault code all recorded on the device, query at any time) .  Counting function (customers can enter the management authorization password to query the total number of car washes , easy to manage)  ,  Timing function (By timing the car washing steps , let the customer know the status of the equipment)       





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