200kgs ABS/ PC/ PET plastic hot air hopper dryer for injection machine (62191581672)

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Product Overview


                                      Hopper Dryer for Plastic Industry 

Product description:
1.Raw material contact surface for the whole production of stainless steel.

2.Precision die-cast aluminum shell, the surface is smooth, good insulation performance.

3.Silent fan, optional with the wind filter to ensure that the cleanliness of raw materials.

4.Barrel, the base are equipped with visual windows, can directly observe the internal raw materials.

5.Electric drum bending design, to avoid the accumulation of raw material dust caused by the bottom of the burning.

6.The use of proportional deviation indicating thermostat, can accurately control the temperature.

7.We have a high temperature type to choose from: double bucket, stainless steel heating tube, heat dissipation tube, high temperature fan.

8.Cast aluminum molds are designed independently, the barrel is turned back, fit any manipulator.

Technical parameters:



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