40 Feet Freezer Container Cold Room with Cam Lock Panels and Refrigeration Unit for Food Storage (62195367009)

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Product Overview


Product Description

40 feet freezer container cold room with cam lock panels and refrigeration unit for food storagemodular cold room-56


About Proposal

OnlyKem proposal has one-stop installation 

For our proposal,you can install it yourself.Pre-install before ship the goods:


1.Condensing Unit Introduction of this fruit cold storage project

Our professional engineer will desigh a suitable condensing unit according to the cooling capacity that the goods needs. We need to promise the cooling capacity of the goods need is enough while the cost is the least. For this project, three kinds of condensing unit can be chosen : condensing unit with Bitzer compressor,condensing unit with Copeland compressor and Kide monoblock unit. All of them are original brand. Follows are the introduction of them.


NameTypeAdvantageAvailable VoltageAvailable TemperaturePicture
Germany BitzerSemi-Hermetic Piston

High quality, Large cooling capacity, Stable performance


customized voltage

America CopelandScrollModerate cost, Low noise, Small size, Small machine losscustomized voltage-10~+15℃00

Everything will be adjusted before leave factory.

Can be used directly.

Post-maintenance costs low

380V 50Hz 3Ph

220V 50Hz 1PH

220V 60Hz  1Ph

-10~+15℃monoblock unit onlychem 04


2.Unit Cooler(Evaporator) Introduction of this fruit cold storage project

Unit cooler(evaporator) will be designed according to the horse power of condensing unit and the tempeature of this fruit cold storage project.We need to promise everywhere can get the cooling so that can let the goods be stored well.Sometimes we also design the materials of it according to the goods you will store.
For this fruit cold storage project,we will use DL serious unit cooler(evaporator).Follows is the introduction:

SeriousTypeAdvantageFin SpaceTemperaturePicture


for common 

1.Blue fins/Hydrophilic


2.Wavy fins


3.Stainless steel screws


4.Wall-hanging type


5.Acceptable OEM


4.5mm-5~+15℃air cooler-02.jpg

dual throw

for processing room





3.Panel and Door Introduction of this fruit cold storage project
Panels always be confirmed according to the temperature of the goods need for store.

For this project, we designed 100mm thickness polyurethane panel with 44kg/m³ density and cam-lock connection. We need to promise the highest insulation while the installation is the easiest.

NameThicknessAdvantage   Picture  

cam-lock connection,easy to installed

44kg/m³ density,high insulation

Cam-lock connection

Hinged Door


Sliding Door


0.5mm surface color steel,high quality.

all parts are included,easy to installed.

customized size.

cold room pannel



All parts will be shown on the quotation,you can get more detailed suitable information on quoation.Please do not feel free to contact us!


Packaging & Shipping

PU Panel / Door package : Hard paper corner + plastic film + wood pallet (special )

Refrigeration Machine package : Plywood Box / Hard Carton


 Cold Room for Fish, Cold room


Company Information


We have supplied commercial cold rooms for some of the world's leading companies. We have a proven track record of delivering on time, on budget –especially important for bespoke cold room construction. Our Technical engineer has over30 years of experience in cold storage and refrigeration systems.

We offer a wide range of manufactured refrigeration plant for use with all sizes and types of of cold storage room (chiller and freezer). From self-contained compact refrigeration units for small cold rooms to large cold room refrigeration systems for warehouses. 



Why you need it


The main reason people buy it is for their business. That's true, the cold room is playing a more and more important role in many industries.

- OnlyKem cold room can be used in Retail Industry, it can store ice cream, juice and milk. It also can display the goods while the goods is in storing such as beer and cake.

-OnlyKem cold room can be used in Hospitality Industry,for example, the meat cold room and vegetables cold room in restaurant.

-OnlyKem cold room can be used in Agricuture Industry.For example, the fruit and vegetables cold room in farm.

-OnlyKem cold room can be used in Health-care Industry. For example, the medicine cold room, vaccine cold room, blood cold room in hospital.

-OnlyKem cold room can be used in Transportation Industry. For example. Mobile cold room for seafood. We can build a cold room into container.




So, whatever you buy it for yourself or buy it for resell. Your money always will be spent well. It will bring you more value.

Kindly contact us to get a cold room which one is suits you.


Success project

We had provided many types of effective and states of the art cold rooms to over 45 countries. Our customers are from Swiss, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Bahrain, etc.

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