Antipersprant and Body Spray Deodorant For Women and Men

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Product Overview


JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany



Re-examine the life and redefine the deodorant;

JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany;

Meet all your requirements for deodorant.

Tasteless  Non chemical synthesis  Non fragrance masking


This bottle is timely.

Facing the sudden smell.

This bottle can be easily stuffed into your pocket or taken on the plane.

Let you calmly face the sudden embarrassment.




Do you have these problems?

Suddenly someone farted on the subway;

You need to go to the bathroom when you have a stomachache at a friend's house;

The first time I went to a friend's house, my feet stink, I'm sorry to change slippers;

The shit pulled by the cat is too smelly;

After taking a taxi, the driver kept smoking;

After eating the hot pot, the clothes were covered with the smell of hot pot



A gentle spray removes embarrassment.

With JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany,Make your life fresh.

They dare to visit when their feet stink;

After eating hot pot clothes,there is no smell of hot pot.;

The smell of second-hand smoke is weak.;

The cat's shit doesn't smell;

There is no bad smell in their car




Instant deodorization  Non fragrance masking.

Remove the odor from the roots.

Using Japan's exclusive innovative technology,

It can directly or indirectly destroy the protein, nucleic acid and other related substances of the odor source with its own characteristic substances, disrupt its normal metabolism and eliminate the odor from the root.

Strong odor purification effect, long-term use can effectively prevent odor.


A bottle to save life troubles

Applicable to multiple scenarios:

It has strong odor purification effect on odor sources containing most reproductive pathogens and most living scenes(rotten vegetables, animal excreta, cigarette smoke, other peculiar smell, etc. in kitchen, toilet, car and other spaces).



Natural ingredients, Mild deodorizing

Suitable for babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany, the main components are:

New materials for eggshell manufacturing and trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, iron, tin, etc.)The main raw materials (eggshell and minerals) are the finished products of natural food materials and food additives (also used as food additives in other aspects).


JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany should have no taste.

Only when the odor source is eliminated can the odor production line be destroyed and the odor not be produced.

Strong odor purifying molecules can eliminate the odor source from the root, so as to keep the odor clean for a long time.


Handy, can spray upside down.

50ml, can be taken on the plane.

The specification of the accompanying package is 50ml, which meets the requirements of the flight for carrying liquid.

And does not occupy space, so you can carry it easily.

No longer have to endure the sudden smell.


Authoritative testing organization

SGS test report proves that the irritation to the skin is zero



JUSTWHITE QIABAI ® Deodorant Spray/Accompany

Origin: Japan

Specification: 50ml/bottle

Product form: Liquid

Validity:24 months




1. Due to personal physical differences, if there are adverse reactions such as allergy during use, please stop using immediately;

2. After the deodorant is opened, please use it as soon as possible;

3. Do not mix with other related products at will;

4. If it accidentally enters the eye, please wash it immediately with plenty of water or see a doctor;

5. Children should be used under the supervision of their parents;

6. It is a normal phenomenon that the deodorant spray will precipitate after long-term storage, which does not affect the effect;

7. Keep the Deodorant Spray for a long time and shake it before use.


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