2019 latest digital medical x ray imaging system MASTER CX for hospital use with competitive price in China

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Product Overview


Product Name

2019 latest digital medical x ray imaging system MASTER-CX for hospital use with competitive price in China

Product Description

●Completely digitally configured DR

In radiology departments, which cope with heavy workload every day, doctors need a digitized medical X-ray imaging

system, which can present high-quality radiology images in a short period of time.

●Professional X-ray imaging system-a perfect assistant to doctors

Equipped with image processing software, the system, with reasonably categorized menuand visualized user interface,

is easy to use. By just clicking the mouse, doctors can choose which part of patients' body is to be scanned. In addition

the system can set radiological parameters that should be applied to certain part of the body automatically, and quickly

present optimized radiology images.

●Exposure index and measurement display

A integrated exposure index and any exposure measurement display, measuring reference for operation technicians

and patients.

●Enhanced image sharpness and clarity

Although thickness of bones varies, advanced image processing technology effectively separates thick and thin parts

to display overlapping areas and contours more sharply and clearly.

●Ensured image integrity

Even in the presence of an implant, regions-of-interest (ROI) display clearly withourt artifacts. In areas where bones

overlap,each bone clearly displays.

●Unique AED acquisition technology

Configuration of the wireless tablet can seamlessly with hospital other X-ray machine, no need to change any line. To many hospital equipment upgrades for DR digital equipment.

●Excellent dynamic range

Because the regions-of-interest (ROI) contrast is improved, a clear, detailed display of bone and soft tissue in a single

image is provided. Patients' organs such as lung, spine and inguinal region with different characteristics can be

displayed in detail on a single page.


A. Operation panel

The panel is the only one integrated with 32-bit Linux operation system among others in the industy. A wireless tablet

can control the entire system. The unique touch screen emergency stop ensures safety and stability.

B. X-ray chest stand

The new ergonomic design allows doctors capturing radiography images of patients with special body position at a tilt.

C. Automatic X-ray image capturing table

The X-ray table has good mobility to move multi-directionally. It provides a wireless control mode and a pedal control


D. Wireless control PAD

Completely wireless system-the beginning of a new generation of operation system: an entire wireless system includes

a wireless tablet, a wireless control pad and wireless data transmission

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