Bidobon 4inch/100mm 3 step diamond polishing pad for granite marble quartz

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Product Overview



First, BIDOBON 3 step are the best of the best. This is the first pad that works equally good on ALL Materials. Its quality can be distinguished from most 3 step pads on the market!


Currently, there are a number of 3 step diamond polishing pads with varying degrees of quality on the market. Some manufacturers even simply borrow 3 steps from the 7-step pad set to provide 3 step diamond polishing pads.


Therefore, many people began to complain that "3 step diamond polishing pads are just a gimmick. There is no such thing as ‘3-step’”. It is impossible to reduce the traditional 7-step polishing process to 3 steps. At least it still needs 5 steps to finish the whole process, which is perhaps useful on some light materials, but for black granite, buff pads are still indispensable


In fact, if you use the cheap 3 step diamond polishing pads, you will be disappointed. Compared with the traditional 7-step polishing pads, the quality of the 7-steps pads with different prices may not be significantly different. But when it comes to 3 step diamond polishing pads, you get what you pay for. It is unlikely to use a cheap 3 step diamond polishing pad to achieve a 7-step polishing process. It is almost impossible to manufacture 3 step pads using cheap materials, inferior diamonds, and bad quality resin to get the results needed to generate a quality polish. You must add better quality and more diamonds in the resin. Only a good resin contains more diamonds

Manufacturing Technology:

BIDOBON 3-Step Wet Polishing Pads have the highest possible diamond concentration so no sacrifice of speed, polish or life is required to achieve the labor savings. We use new resin materials, which can contain more diamonds than traditional resins. Diamond- concentration is 60% of the pad weight in the new BIDONBON 3-Step System. This is the highest diamond concentration possible with current technology. Bond strength has been increased to hold the higher diamond concentration, ensuring that the diamonds are fully used in the polishing process. The BIDOBON 3-Step pads are made with the highest quality diamonds, which have multiple angles of diamond. The diamonds are easily broken during polishing to continuously expose new angles, giving longer life and very high speed to the pad

Main features:

  • Extremely fast process from first polishing step to completion.
  • Cuts shop production time by 50%
  • Only one diamond polishing pad to polish Granite, Marble, & Engineered Stone
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Price is cheaper than traditional 7 steps quality polishing pads.

Benefits for fabricator:

·         No worries about the quality of work going out of your shop because of pad issues

·         Drastic increase in shop production. Get more footage out the door every single day

·         Using 1 set of diamond polishing pads, the fabricators in the back get extremely familiar with pads and can get greater efficiency and life out of the pads.

·         Using 1 set of diamond polishing pads make it simpler for purchasing, less cost in multiple types of pads.

·         The cost per Linear foot will be less than buying the 7 step pads.

As a note of caution:

Be careful who you give it to in the back for testing. If the workers who get paid by their working hours, they will NOT like the pads!

If the workers who get paid by production or subcontracting, let them test the pads.

You may see different results very well.

BIDOBON wants the fabricators to cut their polishing process in half the steps, saving 50% labor, doubling production, while improving the quality of the polish.

BIDOBON 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads have fully achieved this with results that have to be experienced to believe.

If your shop’s workers are already using regular grits. That’s not a problem. Just say “look guys start using these pads on the harder challenging material or the light.” Over time before you know it, they’re going to using these pads and only asking you “hey we want the 3 steps, we want the ones that work on everything”


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