2020 Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine with Double Sorter Capsule Polisher Cleaning Capsule Tablet in china price (62209879332)

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Price:RUB 75,457.30 - RUB 754,573.00
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Product Overview


2020 Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine with Double Sorter Capsule Polisher  Cleaning Capsule Tablet in china price











LFP-150A series capsule sorter polisher machine has dual functions of capsule polishing and lifting. The entrance of the machine can be connected with any type of capsule filling machine. The export can be connected with capsule sorting device and metal testing machine. To achieve polishing, lifting, sorting, testing of the production model. The machine adopts a number of new technologies and human design concepts, with the following outstanding features:



1: It has the dual function of polishing and lifting the capsule, leaving a high space for connecting subsequent equipment;



2: The entrance and exit of the machine can be adjusted by 360 degrees, which is convenient for production and saves space.




3: Capsule sorting device can automatically sort the capsule with light loading, empty shell, fragments and body cap capsule



4: The whole machine adopts the quick-mounting type connection structure, which makes the disassembly and installation of the machine more convenient and fast.




5: All parts contacting with drugs shall be made of 316L materials or materials meeting the requirements of modern drug production requments.




6: The brushes on the main shaft can be detached and cleaned thoroughly. The whole machine can be cleaned without dead angle. It meets the requirements of  GMP.



      Technical specifications



Suitable capsule model

00 # 0 # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 #

Maximum production efficiency(Granule/Hours)


Entrance height(Mm)


Exit height(Mm)


Power Supply Index

1PH 220V/110V 50 Hz/60 Hz 0.20 kw

Compressed air

0.3 m3/min  0.3 Mpa

Vacuum suction

3.0 m3/min -0.014 Mpa

Outline dimensions(Mm)

740 x 510 x 1500

Product Weight(Kilograms)




0.0083 s.