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   Three systems 72 inch adopts the advanced technology of single-head three systems,3D high-quality shoe upper machine, excellent performance, stable quality. Single carriage three-system is equipped with 16 yarn feeders, high position rollers, cross-sinker, dynamic density, motor control reversing carriage, adjustable tight tuck. Digital technology, high-speed and efficient to achieve 3D knitting full shape, semi-shape, socks shoes, cutting shape, plain cloth. The machine with unique yarn-pressing technology to achieve non-knitting filing and pressing. With a pointelle, tuck, jacquard, intarsia, full needle jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape, and other irregular patterns. Standard option of high-strength special needles for fly knit shoe upper production, wide application, long life. (suitable for silk, chemical fiber, wool , acrylic fiber blending yarn, cotton yarn to knit the sweater, collar, placket, hem, cuff, scarf, pocket, pants and other knitting fabric) ,the production of fly knit shoe uppers.

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max knitting speed 1.6m/s, 32speed sections controlled by servo motor
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Touch Screen

        Humanized design control interface large memory capacity, can store about 1000 patterns, for tens of thousands of lines of complex patterns can also be read quickly without waiting. Stable performance make the operation more convenient, easy to learn and understand.

Feed yarn device

      Positive Yarn feeder could reduce resistance while the yarn is moving, is especially suitable for fabric with low elasticity and brittleness such as cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn, to make the fabric even and improve knitting efficiency.

Yarn carrier

      The 16 yarns can be used by any weaving system and can be switched at any position. According to different knitting speed the control program can automatically adjust the position of the yarn nozzle.

Infrared probe alarm device

      The probe alarm device breaks through the characteristics of the flat knitting machine in which the probe only swings from side to side to realize its detection function. The device can make the detection function complete safe and effective, avoid the normal operation of the damaged knitting fabric, and improve the knitting quality and work efficiency.

Automatic oil supply system

      Adopt automatic oil supply system, break through the function characteristic of manual oil the device is controlled by the system to automatically oil, reduce fuel consumption, thus saving trouble lock stop manual oil brush, improve the working efficiency of the machine. At the same time, it also avoids various mechanical faults caused by lack of lubricating oil, reduce loss and improves economic efficiency.

Yarn storage device

     Yarn storage device between yarn spool and weaving system having Full-automatic and high-efficient shortens the trip of yarn prestorage function can detect broken yarn effectively, give an alarm in time and ensure the quality of fabrics farthest.

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