8X2X3 9S FIN norton bear-tex convolute wheel surface conditioning deburring wheel non woven wheel for deburring and finishing

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Product Overview


Product Description

Rapid Finish Convolute Abrasive Wheel (RF)

RF is suitable for various of precision polishing and light deburs which requires high efficiency. It is designed to provide a fast, high cut but fine finish application for removing fine burrs. Used for fine deburring, polishing and finishing because of their conformability, LDP wheels will maintain critcal tolerances while still providing a fine polished finish. RF can be used as a substitute for imported light debur wheel, Bear tex 1000SF for example. The applications include grinding hydraulic valve core, mold and pressure parts grinding&polishing, aircraft parts polishing, furniture glass oblique edge polishing, etc.


>Smear and heat-resistant formula

>Dense web construction (9 density)

>More open web construction (7 density)

> Waterproof, non-metallic

>Optimum grain/resin formulation

>Conformable and flexible


>Consistent, high quality results

>Starting point for deburring, blending, polishing and finishing applications

>Smear-resistant and cool cutting, no contamination of workpiece

>durable, long life construction

Detailed Images

Debur and Sharpen of shuttle

Wheels shall be Fine finish with high efficiency, 


Sand the sharp area.


Durable, high cut and still conformtable


Grit Size

The Grit Size is aligned with global standard, an reference could be find in right table.


Safety Awareness

      The safety performance of 99D grinding wheel is strictly tested and has clear safety operation instructions. However, it is still essential to install and use it properly and stick to the safety instruction. Each product is labeled with the MOS: Maximum Operating Speed (below table). The actual operating speed can not exceed the maximum operating speed.
Moreover, Please also pay attention to the mechanical protection, wear the mask, safety glass and safety shoe. Pay attention to the ventilation of the workshop. 

When operating convolute wheel, we should pay special attention to the arrowhead marked on the product, and the direction of the arrow is the rotation direction of the product. The product must be operated with the right direction.


Factors to be considered before choosing

The composition, shape and material type and its hardness of the workpiece.
The roughness and surface state before the working procedure
The surface conditioning effect that the workpiece needs to be achieved, the component tolerance requirements
Tools, speed of equipment, installation size of equipment and other parameters
Grinding steps needed for processing work pieces successively

Product Choose...

Usually, we need to consider the structure of the parts, the size of the grinding wheel, and the speed of the tool and other fixed circumstances.
The SP series product is a kind of laminate structure, the edge surface is the cutting face, the cutting is relatively higher than convolute wheel, it has no rotation direction.
Convolute wheel series (LDP, DEXL, RF, LP...) is the winding structure, the inner hole size is generally 1, 3, 5, 8 inches, plane surface is the cutting surface. When it is used, it is directional and can only rotate in one direction. The arrow identifies the direction of rotation. The convolute wheel is more durable than the SP wheel, which is more suitable for sharp and harsh applications such as deburring.

Product to replace

Replacing similar products: SP series can replace various kinds of unitized wheel, fiber polishing wheel and cloth wheel with mineral; LDP, DEXL, RF, LP can replace the imported brands convolute wheels with similar application purpose.
Cross product substitution: replace steel wool, steel wire brush, abrasive, hard bristle, manual file, polishing paste, grinding fluid, grinding wheel, rubber scraper, manual sandblasting equipment, dressing, cleaning cloth etc.

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