HVHIPOT 2V/6V/12V Lead Acid Battery Regeneration with PC Software Management and USB Port to PC GDKH 10

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 General Information2V/6V/12V Lead acid battery Regeneration with PC Software management and USB Port to PC GDKH-10


In all operating equipment and operating network systems with increasing informationization and automation, uninterrupted power supply is the most basic guarantee. Whether it is AC or DC uninterruptible power supply system, the battery acts as backup power source plays an important role in power source system. Usually, the battery is in the state of floating charge standby. Once the AC power is lost or other accidents, the battery becomes the sole energy supplier of the load.

We know that in addition to the normal life cycle of the battery, some of the early failure of the battery may occur due to problems such as the quality of the battery itself, defects in materials, structures, processes, and improper use. In order to verify the standby time and actual capacity of the battery pack and ensure the normal operation of the system,  it is necessary to perform a verification test of the capacity of the battery pack on a regular or as needed basis to detect individual failures at an early stage. Replace the failed single cells to ensure the effectiveness of the entire battery; or to assess the life expectancy of the entire battery.





Using high-power winding resistance, the discharge current is more stable and fast.

There is a USB interface, which can transfer the data of the charging and discharging process to the U disk and import it into the PC. PC data management software analyzes the process of battery discharge and generates corresponding data reports. Make data transfer more convenient.

It adopts intelligent single-chip ARM control and 7-inch touch LCD for Chinese and English display. The menu operation is simple and straightforward.

The automatic protection function automatically sets the charge and discharge time to, the charge and discharge capacity, the battery voltage is lower than the set minimum protection voltage, the load connection line is abnormal, and automatically stops discharging and alarms, and automatically records the stop mode.

A variety of charge and discharge termination conditions, including battery termination voltage, discharge capacity, discharge time, to ensure the safety of the discharge test.

Up to 10 automatic discharge-charge cycles can be set




Output voltage


Output current

2V battery:   0~100A;

4/6V battery:  0 ~60A;

12V battery:   0~30A

Single cell voltage resolution

2V: 0.001V;  6V/12V: 0.001V

Working mode

Single machine use, constant current mode

Protection performance

Over voltage protection: LCD prompt;

Over current protection: LCD prompts;

65°C overheat protection: LCD prompt, buzzer alarm;

Voltage test accuracy


Current test accuracy


Current control accuracy


Data storage capacity


Heat transfer

Forced air cooling


Working range: -5~50°C

Storage temperature: -40~70°C


Relative humidity 0~90% (40±2°C)


4000 meters




Single-phase three-wire system 220V AC (–20% to +30%), frequency: 45 to 65Hz;

Withstand voltage test 

Input - Case: 2200Vdc 1min

Input-output: 2200Vdc 1min

Output - Case:700Vdc 1min


Meet EN610950

AC input

public socket for 1~1.5mm2 cable

DC output

25mm2 cable quick connector (red positive black negative)


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