RTS Motorcycle spare parts and accessories BAJAJ boxer bm 150 150cc BOXER150 BM150 motorcycle ignition cdi unit

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Motorcycle racing CDI racing for BAJAJ BOXER150 BM150 2012 PF351201 A341006000 BOXR150 motorcycle spare parts and accessories

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BOXER150 BM150

Origin Chongqing, China


Technical requirements

1,The ignition characteristics:
--- AC power supply, capacitor discharge ignition;CDI UNIT;
---Ignition energy into the corner, low-speed, high-speed ignition performance;
---Operating temperature range: -30°C to+65°C;
--- Using SMT Surface Mount Technology, anti-jamming capability, environmental adaptability, high reliability;

2,Product performance:

--- Minimum continuous ignition speed: ≤350r/min (three-pin 6mm intermittent trigger gap was 0.7mm);
---Continuous ignition speed range: ≤350r/min ~ 11000r/min (three-pin intermittent 6mm, trigger gap was 0.7mm);
---Into the corner speed: 2000±200r/min (15±1.5°);
---End angle, speed: 3800±200r/min (36±1.5°);
--- Ignition advance angle: 21°±1.5°;
---Turn off the SW end of the ground, ignition should turn off.

3,Appearance requirements:

---Patch device and igniter shell at the bottom of the vertical tilt;
--- Package surface should be smooth, free of cracks and other foreign matter;
--- Encapsulation material and the shell is bonding well, without gaps, and should fully cover the components;
---Package surface height should not exceed the shell height, and the surface is smooth and no bubbles;
--- Shell, patch the surface should be encapsulated material, and other attachments;

4, Igniter insulation resistance shall be not less than 1MΩ (measured with 500V megger);


5, In line with the motorcycle JB/T8123.1 ~ 8123.2-1999 standards;


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