Hot Sale New Design X Ray System Machine Price Digital Mammography

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Product Overview


New Design X Ray System Machine Price Digital Mammography For Sale


New Design X Ray System Machine Price Digital Mammography For Sale

Product Description


Main specification:

Power input: 5000VA
System voltage: 20~35 kV in step 1kv
Max.mAs: 630mAs
Imported X-ray Tube: Molybdenum Anode
Focal spot size: 0.1mm(small)/0.3mm(large)
Support  ISO-CENTER  rotation
Rotation range: +180°~ -135°
C-arm supports dual side digital  LCD display
Max. vertical movement range: 580mm±2% 
Compression plate supports flexible and multi-level smart compression
Spatial Resolution: 6 Lp/mm
Detector type: Amorphous Silicon Detector
Detector size: 24*30cm
Acquisition Station compatible with DICOM 3.0
Focal distance : 650mm
Added filter: Mo / Rh / AG
Added filter Switch: Manual/Automatic
Support magnification plate
Exposure control: supports manual exposure and automatic exposure 
Power supply: 220 V~,±10%  
Power frequency: 50/60Hz±1 Hz

High-Voltage Generator

Frequency: 100KHz;
Tube voltage Range: 20 kV ~ 40 kV
Max. Output: 5 kW
Max. tube voltage:40kV
Max. tube current: 200mA

X-Ray Tube

Imported X-ray tube
Anode Type: Molybdenum;
Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/ 0.3 mm (Large)
Permanent filter: 0.5mmBe
Max. anode speed: 10000rpm
Max. tube voltage: 40kV
Max. tube current: 35mA(small)/140mA(Large)
Max. tube assembly heat content: 320 KJ

C-arm Assembly

C-arm up-down and rotation movement controlled via C-arm control panel
Rotation type of C-arm: ISO-CENTER rotation around the examined part
Rotation range of C-arm: -135o~180o
Distance between focal spot and image reception area:650mm
Support magnification plate
Local display panel on the both side of the stand can indicate rotation angle of C-arm
For safer operation, emergency stop button is located on the top of C-arm

Compression Device

Up-down movement : power-driven electrically
Compression control: continuous activation by foot
Compression mode: flexible and multi-level compression, automatic and manual decompression
Compression plate travel range: 5~268mm;
Compression force: 0~200N
Compression thickness: 5~268mm

Local Operation and Display
•    Dual LCD display with backlight on the both side; 
•    Parameters displayed:
•    -  rotation angle of C-arm;
•    -  compression thickness;
•    -  compression force;
•    -  KV;
•    -  mAs;
•    -  density
•    -  focal spot selected;
•    -  exposure mode;
•    -  Added filter selected;
•    -  automatic decompression indication; 
•    -  state indication;
•    -  failure alarming indication
•    Control function:
•    -  KV;
•    -  mAs;
•    -  density
•    -  selection of focal spot;
•    -  selection of filter;
•    -  selection of mammographic mode;
•    -  Selection of automatic decompression after exposure.

Digital Image Detector

Detector type: Amorphous Silicon Detector
Material: Amorphous Silicon
Min. pixel: 85µm
Image Matrix Sizes: 2816×3528 pixels
Effective Imaging Area: 24cm×30cm
Spatial Resolution: 6 lp/mm
DQE: 50% (1 Lp/mm)

Acquisition Station

Intel CPU frequency≥2.4GHz,≥ 4 GB Memory, ≥500 GB HDD
Medical Display, 1 MP, Brightness 250Cd/m2, Contrast 1000:1
Image Detector Self-check and adjustment
Patient Information and Image Management
Auto Explore Control
Acquisition of Explored Image Information
Browsing and Searching of Image
Measure the Distance, Angle, Space of Image and Mark The Selected Area
Image Process after Acquisition: Black and white reverse, rotate and flip, zoom, local editing, enhancement, filtering noise, copies, abridged, etc
DICOM 3.0 Services , supports Print, Store, Query/Retrieve, CDRW, Scheduled Workflow and Patient Information Reconciliation
Automatic failure diagnosis, error code and message indication
Exposure activation: exposure button
Data backup and recovery

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