Manufacture Supply Bulk Stock Xylanase Enzyme Xylanase (62215205187)

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Manufacture Supply Bulk Stock Xylanase Enzyme Xylanase



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Product nameXylanase
CAS NO9025-57-4
Enzyme activity10000u/g-300,000u/g

White to Light Yellow Powder

Product Description.jpgInsen‘s xylanase in plants exists with kinds of Complex molecules polymer together such as: amylum,pectin, β- glucan ,protein ,lipid and so on. So, xylanase can hydrolyze xylan for Using only, but the more effective way to hydrolyzing is the mixed use with other relative enzymes, in which the use-cost will be reduced.

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For Animal
Eliminate anti-nutritional effects of soluble xylan in animal feedstuff, decrease chyme viscosity.a (4)Break down cell wall of cereal to improve nutrient release and digestibility.
Improve animal uniformity and performance.-Insen suggestionIncrease cereal by-product utilization and reduce the cost of feedstuff.-Insen suggestion
Reduce environmental pollution by increasing the absorption of nutrient.Eliminate the anti-nutritional factor, and increase the utilization of feedstuff.



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