Transformer fully automatic impregnation machine vacuum

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HY-Z02 Transformer fully automatic impregnation machine vacuum

1. Dip time can be set;
2. With a timer alarm, motor overload protection and lack of protection;
3. Exhaust filtration recovery, with environmental protection, recycling double effect;
4. Product storage up to 500;
5. Intelligent vacuum, to achieve no bubble where the water, impregnated effect of beauty.
Institutional and electrical materials:
1. The main part of the A3 material.
2. Some parts with cold rolling plate.
3. All electrical appliances use Zhengtai brand.
4. Chinese and English PLC controller operation.

high frequency transformer automatic vacuum impregnation machine price in China

1, input: AC 380V 3 phase 4 line 50Hz (power: 1HP)
2, with 50KG hydraulic rod support roof. Top cover around the use of silicone rubber seal, fast folder cover.
3, the use of stepper motor drive precision ball screw drive sub-tank lift type, can be preset lifting height (sub-tank maximum stroke 60mm; displacement accuracy ± 0.05mm)
4, helix lift bearing capacity, high control accuracy, PIN will not stick on the legislature water, no secondary tin.
5, PLC controller control, can be preset a variety of impregnation mode, with timely, appropriate to eliminate the bubble function;
6, automatic switch box cover, the second automatic vacuum, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, can achieve a single multi-machine operation.
7, the overall groove with 10MM steel plate to see, double glass observation window at any time to see the soaking situation.



HY-Z02 Transformer fully automatic impregnation machine vacuum

In-cylinder volume

L705 * W540 * H300mm

Chassis Size

L660 * W530 * H105mm

Impregnation tray size


L550 * W470 * H45mm (large 2)

L600 * W240 * H20mm (small 4)

Single cylinder size

L950 * W660 * H1400mm



Machine size

length 950x wide 660x high 1400mm

Standard impregnation height

about 80mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)



Transformer fully automatic impregnation machine vacuum




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Wooden packing

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