40/3 5000meters 100% Polyester Sewing Thread for sewing

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100%  polyester
Count: 40s/2 Other 20s/2 to 60s/3
Color: Various colors ( we have dye factory)
Twist direction: single S, twist Z
Technique: TFO/Ring Twist, Auto-cone, Air-spliced 
Package Cone: Plastic cone, Paper cone, Dye tube
Small Cone: 150Y ,200Y ,250Y ,400Y ,500Y ,1000Y / M
Standard Cone: 2000Y ,2500Y ,3000Y ,4000Y ,5000Y / M
Big Cone: 500G ,1KG ,1.4KG ,1.67KG


100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread 

Specification Strength(Tenacity) Tenacity cv% Length Example Usages Recommendation
20s/2 2300 3-5 3000M, 5000M Jeans, shoes, 
20s/3 3300 3-5 2000M, 3000M Jeans, shoes, 
30s/2 1550 3-5 3000M, 5000M closing bags
30s/3 2400 3-5 2000M, 3000M, 5000M Jeans, handbags, sewing of keyhole and fastener, etc
40s/2 1050 4-6 3000M, 5000M Tents jeans, leather products, shoes, ect.
40s/3 1600 4-6 2000M, 3000M, 5000M Suits, trousers, coats, Sewing of button-hole and button-sew, etc.
50s/2 900 4-6 3000M, 5000M Knitted garments, blouses, suit-dress, etc.
60s/2 850 4-6 5000M, 10000M Knitted garments, suit- dress, over lock thread, etc.
60s/3 900 4-6 3000M, 5000M Knitted garments, fashionable dress, suit-dress, etc.



100% polyester twisted.

High quality and competitive price.

You can choose a different color.

Supply various model traditional covered yarn and all colors available.

High tenacity colored yarn.

Use of advanced machinery and equipment and technology.


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