health products manufacturer black tourmaline powder

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health products manufacturer black tourmaline powder!!


Tourmaline powder is the powder obtained by mechanical crushing after removing impurities from the original tourmaline

ore.After processing and purification tourmaline powder has higher negative ion production and far infrared emissivity.

Tourmaline is also called tormaline.Tourmaline chemical formula is NaR3Al6Si6O18BO33(OH,F)4. The crystal belongs to

a group of ring structure silicate minerals of trigonal crystal system.Where R represents the metal cation, and when R is

Fe2+, the black crystal tourmaline is formed.Tourmaline crystal is nearly triangular columnar, crystal shape at both ends is different, cylindrical with longitudinal, often columnar, needle, radial and block aggregate.Glass luster, broken rosin luster,

translucent to transparent.No cleavage.Mohs hardness 7-7.5, specific gravity 2.98-3.20.There are piezoelectric and

thermoelectric properties.

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Hebei Weiran Building Materials Technology Co.,LTD is Hebei province's comprehensive industry and trade intergration of the most powerful one of the non-metallic mineral enterprises, departmentLingShou Hengyang minerals processing plant, LingShou Yaoxin minerals processing plant ,a subsidiary of one of the family business. It's Hebei province non-metallic mining system integration service providers, advantages of non-metallic mineral products manufacturers and advanced technology of non-metallic mineral advocate. Company is mainly engaged in color sand,barite,calcium feldspar powder,silica sand,coated casting sand, bentonite,zeolite,pumice, vermiculite,alusite mica and other non-metallic mineral products development, production and sales.

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