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wollastonite for ceramic and paint


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 As a typical metamorphic mineral, Wollastonite has primarily occurred in the contact belt between acid rock and limestone, also appeared in katametamorphic calc schist, volcanic product and certain alkaline rock.


The chemical molecular formula of Wollastonite is Casio the structural formula is Ca (SiO2], the theoretical chemical compositions:48.25%CAQ, 51.75% Sio Wollastonite is thin plate-like crystal of triclinic system which belongs to a chain silicate with radial or fibrous aggregation. Its special crystal structure determines the properties of non-toxic, acid &akai resistant, low hygroscopicity &oil absorption, fine insulation, high whiteness, great thermal & dimensional stability, xcellent mechanical &electrical performance.

Wollastonite is further known as industrial mineral raw material with natural green, low carbon emission and energy saving.

Particle Size(mesh) 80-3000
Aspect Ratio(LD) 3:1-25:1
Sedimentation Value(m/200mg) 40-150
Oil Absorption(g/100g) 20-55
Whiteness(%) 75-92
Refractive Index(%) 1.63
Density (g/cm3) 2.95
Coefficient of Expansion( mm/mn℃) 6.5x106
Melting Point(℃) 1450


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 Hebei Weiran Building Materials Technology Co.,LTD is Hebei province's comprehensive industry and trade intergration ofthe most powerful one of the non-metallic mineral enterprises, department LingShou Hengyang minerals processing plant, LingShou Yaoxin minerals processing plant ,a subsidiary of one of the family business. It's Hebei province non-metallic mining system integration service providers, advantages of non-metallic mineral products manufacturers and advanced technology of non-metallic mineral advocate. Company is mainly engaged in color sand,barite,calcium feldspar powder,silica sand,coated casting sand, bentonite,zeolite,pumice, vermiculite,alusite mica and other non-metallic mineral products development, production and sales.


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