Oceanstor 5600 V3 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 02351KBT SAS10K 1.2T2S A1 (62232331364)

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02351KBT SAS10K-1.2T2S-A1 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5")

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Huawei's OceanStor 5300/5500/5600/5800 V3 storage system is based on the concept of integration, unified storage products for all-flash optimized design, to meet the cloud system requirements for higher performance, lower latency and more flexibility.

More powerful flash memory high-end version, the full performance of flash memory to the limit, the delay is less than 1ms (SPC certified), and innovative both SAN and NAS integration, multi-control, dual live capabilities, support 16Gbps FC , 56Gbps IB, PCI-E 3.0, 12Gbps SAS, intelligent IO card.

To meet the large database OLTP / OLAP, file sharing, cloud computing and other data storage needs, widely used in government, finance, operators, energy, media and other industries.

HUAWEI OceanStor 5000 V3 series ( 5300/ 5500 / 5600 /5800 V3)

Model number
5300 V3
5500 V3
5600 V3
5800 V3
Maximum number of controllers
System cache
Maximum number of  host interfaces
Supported storage protocols
Interface type
16Gbps FC,8Gbps FC,10Gbps FCoE,1/10Gbps Ethernet,56Gbps InfiniBand,SAS3.0(4*12Gbps)

1. Multiple convergent features to create a secure, reliable, simple, efficient, on-demand, converged storage system for more agile business

2. High-end unified storage products for all-flash optimized design, with the integration of SAN and NAS, the integration of heterogeneous devices, the convergence of high-end and low-end, HDD and SSD, main memory and backup;

3. PCI-E 3.0, 12Gbps SAS, and smart IO cards, with support for up to 8 controllers, up to 1TB of cache, 12PB of storage capacity, 16Gbps FC, 56Gbps IB,

4. The most simple management platform, support for visual management, multi-model product management, and compatible with Windows / iOS / Andriod mobile management;

5.For multi-service bearer, multi-device model, rapid business growth and other scenes, effective protection of initial investment, lower overall TCO.

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