High quality MX710/711/810/811/812 MS810/811/812 Fuser Film Sleeve Rebuild Kit 40X7743 Kit (62236454898)

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Product Overview


High quality MX710/711/810/811/812 MS810/811/812 Fuser Film Sleeve Rebuild Kit 40X7743-Kit


Part NO. 40X7743-Kit
ModelMX710/711/810/811/812 MS810/811/812
Product NameFuser Film Sleeve Rebuild Kit
Warranty100 Days
Quality TestConnected with computer to do the test, each one with test paper



MS810-Fuser-unit (1).jpgMS810-Fuser-unit (2).jpgMS810-Fuser-unit (3).jpg

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14Color  CP3525/M551Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VCE484A
15Color  CP4025/CP4525Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110V CE246A
16CP6015/CM6030/CM6040Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110V CB457A
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18 9000/9040/9050Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VRG5-5750-000
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22 M601/M602/M603        Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly  110VRM1-8395-000
23 M601/M602/M603        Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly  220VRM1-8396-000
24 M604/605/606  Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VE6B67-67901

MS810/811/812 MX710/711/810/


Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110V40X7743
26T650/T652/ T645/ T656Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110V40X4418
27T650/T652/ T645/ T656Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly220V40X5855
28HL 5240 MODEL 8060 Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VLU0214001
29HL 5340 MODEL 8080Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VLU7186001

HL5440/5470/6180 DCP8110/8150/

8155 MFC8510/8710/8810/8910/8950

Fuser Unit/Fuser Assembly110VLU9215001

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Fuser1.jpgPrinter parts (2).jpg 

Company Information

---Guangzhou Jinghui Office Equipment Co.,ltd was found in 2005, we are one of the market leader for printer parts in China.Doing this printer p arts around 15 years.With ore than 10 years experience in export goods to 64 countries. 


---For printer spare parts,We mainly supply Fuser Assembly, Maintenance Kits, Fuser Films, Upper roller, Pressure roller, Formatter board, Transfer kits, Pickup roller& Separation Pad, Gears, Power board, Bushing, ADF cable, Laser scanner, ADF unit, Paper input tray, Out put tray etc..


---For the plotter parts, we supply Carriage Assembly, Carriage belt, Encoder Strip, Trailing Cable, Service station, Ink tube assembly, Power supply board, Hard Disk etc..


---Keep working on good price, high quality parts, big warehouse stock ability, production line,our QC test and our packing line. Welcome join us and work together, I sure that we can have win-win cooperation and can help you get high reputation and win more profit!





                                          Our Exhibition
Since 2008, we started to attend different professional expo like ReChina, Remax , Indonesia Expo, Russia Expo, Paperworld in Germany, World Expo etc. In these years, we help customers expand their printer parts markets, and most of them become the biggest wholesalers in their market. And with customers’ mutual support, our factory also becomes bigger and stronger. In 2015, in order to keep improving our quality, offer goods to our customers in time and supply one Stop Printer Parts service to our customer, we opened another new factory. Right now we have two factories, both in Guangzhou. And our factory colleague from 12 persons becomes to 100 persons. Sincerely thanks for all our customers’ support and welcome you to join in Jinghui. If you also do this business, please contact us, I am sure we will become a good partner.
Please note we will also attend Remax Expo 2018 in Zhuhai from Oct 18th to 20th .Our Booth NO. is 3633. Welcome to come to visit us and discuss more detail face to face.


Production Line


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping.png


Q1: Are you manufacturer or dealer? 

We are manufacturer, but also a dealer. We have two factories, both in Guangzhou. So far in our warehouse, we have more than 5000 kinds parts in stock. We can supply full line printer parts to you. We are One Stop Printer Parts Company.  (Factory Address:  3th Floor, NO.1 Building, NO.19 Industrial Yard, Mubei East Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou City, China)


Q2: Do you provide sample ?

Yes, we can supply sample for testing before buy large quantity parts. Testing is believing!


Q3: How is your quality? Each supplier will say their quality is the best.

Yes. I think the best way is you can check if your suppliers become bigger and stronger these years. If one company needs to become stronger and bigger, they need customers’ continuous support order. If suppliers want customers’ support order, then suppliers need to keep offer good quality product. Quality is first. Do you agree? Like our company, at 2008, there are only 12 people in our factory. But after these years, the workers number from 12 to 100. I think these figures are the best prove. We help customers to earn more profit and expand their market. They also help us become stronger and bigger. It is win-win.

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