Good grade 25kg/bag arabic gum/acacia seyal powder as food thickener

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 Good grade 25kg/bag arabic gum/acacia seyal powder as food thickener

Product Description
Item Standard
Powder Color (visual)White-Off White
Flavor (Typical)Bland
Moisture (Infrared) (%)0~11
Odor (Typical)Odorless
pH (Viscosity solution)4~5.5
Solution ColorLemon-Amber
Texture (Qualitative)Free Flowing Powder
Viscosity (cps)0~300
Total Ash Content (USP) (%)0~4
Total Dietary Fiber85% Minimum (Typical)
Mesh Through (%)80~100
Combined Yeast and Mold (/g)0~400
S. aureusNegative/10g
E. coliNegative/g 
Total Coliforms (/g)0~10
Aerobic Plate Count (cfu)0~500

Functions of Acacia gum:

1. Acacia gum has good emulsifying properties, especially suitable for oil-in-water emulsion system, widely used as emulsion stabilizer in emulsion essence;

2. It also has good film-forming properties; as a microcapsule film-forming agent for converting essential oils or other liquid raw materials into powder form, it can prolong flavor quality and prevent oxidation, and is also used as a flavor carrier for baked products.

3, gum arabic can hinder the formation of sugar crystals, used as anti-crystallization agent in candy, prevent crystal precipitation, can also effectively emulsified milk fat in milk sugar to avoid spillage;

4, gum arabic is also used to glaze on the surface of chocolate, so that chocolate is only soluble in the mouth, insoluble in hands;

5. Acacia gum is used in emulsified beverages such as cola to emulsify and disperse essential oils and oil-soluble pigments to avoid the pigmentation of bottlenecks where essential oils and pigments float during storage;

6. Acacia gum is also used as a haze agent for beverages with vegetable oils and resins to increase the diversity of the appearance of the beverage.

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