Dry fog ultrasonic air spray atomizing nozzle for cleaning air atomizing dry fog ultrasonic spray nozzle

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The use of compressed air impact cavity produced by ultrasonic ultrasonic, the liquid droplets into a diameter of 1 ~ 50 m dense gaseous dry fog, dry fog can gather dust, the dust particle size increases, increase the weight of the condensed dust will settle down in situ dust. This kind of device key is the ultrasonic dry fog nozzle, the nozzle is an ultrasonic region by air driven liquid through the nozzle to achieve atomization effect.

Performance data:

CategoriesADG SK508 80°ADG SV980 30°ADG SV882 60°
Gas pressure5.2bar3.5bar5.2bar
Water pressure1.5bar0.6bar1.2bar
Gas consumption115L/Min260L/Min240L/Min
Water consumption7.1L/Hr45L/Hr20L/Hr



Port, thermal power plant, chemical plant, iron and steel plant, transfer station, crushing and screening buildings, such as closed and semi closed places of non organization dust emissions.


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