2019 Q Series 25K 40K Water swivel Professional Diamond Core Drilling Tools (62249025783)

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Product Overview


Products Description

1. Production Scale: diamond circle wrench, heavy duty pipe wrench,cutter,core box and hoisting plug are available.
2. Industry: Widely used in geological exploration and mining industry.
3. We provide all the items for drilling, customized also available based on consumers' needs.
4. MOQ: 1 PCS.
5. Delivery Time: Large stock, ready to ship.
6. Opportunity:Looking for partners and cooperators.

Product Paramenters

Water Swivel
-High performance and longevity: made with precision ground shafts.
-Adopt high quality materials and thread attachments.
-Self-adjusting position of the seal is ensured by wear-proof washover pipe.
-Spring-mounted load.
-Compact sizes and light weight.
-BQ, HQ, NQ, 25K, 40K water swivels are available.
-Offer universal water swivels for diamond core drills, size of our water swivels can be order-made according to clients' needs.

- Available multiple standards
-Customised based on sample or drawing.
Hoisting Plug
-Smooth spinning: keep the hoisting plug clean and oil the bearing and coupling threads. 
-Easy operation: no slide and damage to drill rod.
Rod/Casing Tap
-B, N, H, P, NW, HW, PW, HWT, etc.
-Bull nose rod taps and carrot taps are all available.
Heavy Duty Foot Clamp
- According to customers' request.
Slant Hole Clamp
- According to customers' request.
Hydraulic Clamp
- According to customers' request.
Standard Foot Clamp
- According to customers' request.
Mud Mixer
-Using the original parker hydraulic motor drive, reliable, and stable running.
-The overall conical structure design, the mixing efficiency is higher.
-The hydraulic tubing uses quick plug connector, it is more convenient to install and use.
Wireline Winch
According to customers' request.
Casing Cutter
-Used for cutting NW casing or HRHP/H/HM rod at any point in a drill hole when the entire string can not be retrieved.
-N rod box connection.
- Upon lowering the assembly, the cutting lugs are retracted inside the body by the spring. With low rotation (25 rpm) initially, the cutting lugs are forced out using water pressure,1380 kpa (200 psi). A drop in pressure indicates that the cutting operation is complete.
-AW, BW, NW, HW/HWT casing cutter all is available.
Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
American Standard, 18", 24", 36" etcs.
Tube Wrench
- The diamond is wearable and hard to fall off.
-Slip resistance: this can reduce the damage of tubes and serve a long using life. 
-Inner tube wrench: BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ,LTK48,LTK60
-Outer tube wrench: BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ,LTK48,LTK60
Available size:41mm,42mm,43mm,44mm,45mm,53mm,54mm,55mm,56mm,

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Product packaging

Calcium Plastic Box
Mark serial numbers on the surface of box to help consumer recognize the items without opening box.
Plywood Boxes
Reasonably calculate sufficient plywood boxes loaded into container, maximize room utilization under safety

Company Profile

- Established since 1989. More than 30 years experience on drill rod manufacturing.
- Modern plant covers more than 40,000 square meters.
- Factory covers an area of 55 acres.
- Over 100 employees.
- Time is money! More than 2000 tons of raw material turnover in order to make sure delivery on time.
- One-stop shop for all the relative drilling tools.
- Export over 70 countries.
- Market share reaches 50% in domestic drilling industry.
- Raw material of steel from BAOSTEEL (The most professional manufacturer of steel pipe in China).


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