Glass tube Level indicator sight glass diesel fuel tank level gauge

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level gauge

Glass tube Level indicator sight glass diesel fuel tank level gauge

1. Structure and working principle

Flanges are added to meter with up and low valves. The flanges connect with tank and make a communicator with tank. Then the liquid level will be read from the Transparent glass tube or glass plate directly.

The upper and lower valves have steel ball inside. So if the glass plate or glass tube was broken by accident, the steel ball will block the channel under pressure, and to assure the container be sealed automatically which can prevent the liquid flowing out.

Tubular Level Gauges are designed to view liquid levels using clear or red line Borosilicate (Pyrex) tubing. All valves use a stuffing box configuration to seal the glass tube, and have a ball check shutoff to prevent loss of vessel contents in case of glass failure. Operating pressure and temperatures are subject to the limitations of the tubular gauge glass and washer composition; consult with Pressure Products for gauge glass ratings.

Tubular level gauge is used for visual liquid level indication and is the most commonly used instrument in the process industry. It is a simple and reliable device for level reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications. It is mounted parallel, along the side of the tank, so as to form a closed loop. As the process level fluctuates, the level in the transparent glass tube changes accordingly and gives local level indication.

2. Choice of Tie Rod or C-Frame Construction.

With or without isolating valve.
Material integrity assured through strict compliance of chemical composition analysis in a Standard Laboratory.
H Grade Borosilicate glass tube 16/19/25 mm outer dia with  Packing.
Glass tube can be removed online i.e. without disconnection from vessel
Standard Connection: 1/2" / 3/4" / 1" Flange drilled to ASA 150#, others on request
Alluminium/SS scale with 5 mm resolution as standard and 1 mm on request.
Drain Plug 1/2" Vent Plug 3/4" and drain/vent valve as optional
Safety Ball check device(optional).
Defrost/illuminator available on request.
Hydro test pressure: 12 KG/cm2, 100 Deg C max working temperature.
Tie Rod Construction is 'light' and permits 360ºC visibility.
C-Frame construction is robust and permits observation from Front & Rear.
Both constructions are available in integral or inline arrangements.
High quality, H grade borosilicate glass tube in 16/19/25mm outer dia is used.
Available in single length having c/c distance = 1600 mm. Extended lengths are provided by coupling several tubes or gauge assemblies in series.
Gland packing design provides tension free tube installation to achieve zero leakage. It also enables glass removal for replacement or cleaning without dismantling the gauge or disconnection from the vessel.
Transparent Acrylic Plate mounted on C-Frame/Acrylic Pipe or slotted metallic pipe clamped on Tie Rod as glass protector can be provided if required, for additional safety to glass & personnel.
Adjustable proximity/reed switch arrangement for level sensing with alarm relays.

Structure: "standard type" D--------"thermal type" W
Material: 1) Carbon Steel 2) Stainless Steel 3) PVC

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If the meter without light equipment, it can be installed at the light bright place.
The flange and the sealing face can’t be damaged for contaminated.
If the measure range is very wide and must use serious meter to measure, their installing place
should be separated without blind zone.
When use the level gauge, water pressure should be check firstly, and the pressure the meter can
bear is no more than 1.5 times of the maximum pressure. The test must conform to the pressure
vessel safely requirement of the relative department.
When install series TBS meter, the top and bottom needle valves must be closed. When operating,
firstly open the top needle valve to its maximum degree and then open the bottom needle valve
slowly to lead the fluid into the meter. And then loose the vent valve to vent gas. After vent out the
gas then tight the vent valve immediately. When turning the needle valves.
Ordering instructions
Model No. and specifications;
Measuring ranges;
Working pressure and temperature
Whether have special requirements;
Whether need to supply the accessories such as flange, nut, bolt, valves and packing washer
Regulation for operation and maintenance
According to the clearness of the fluid to clean the needle valve regularly to ensure the liquid
free-flow. The inner side of the glass plate can also be unload to clean when be contaminated. But the
test must do every time when take off the plate and washing.
When vent air and drain the soiling should be careful to operate to prevent fluid overflow.
When glass is broken by accident, please close the needle valves or tube valve immediately.
When water level meter is used, should be preheated 20-30 minutes, when the glass plate with a
certain temperature, when open on both ends of the valve, the infuse water or other medium.
During the use process, please often discharge the drainage, avoid fouling corrosion blocking
channels, appear false water level phenomenon.
When replace glass, the metal filings and debris should be removed from the sealing surface.
Flat water level gauge (also called a level surface indicator), it is suitable for industrial steam boilers
and steam locomotive boiler and water storage set on liquid level indicating.
Prism (or glass) must be under the equal compression when tighten thread. Tight each screw on
turn several circles until to tighten torque 20-39.4 Nm.


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