Traffic wireless LoRa smart vehicle detector magnetic sensor for access traffic light control system

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Product Overview


Product Description
Traffic wireless LoRa smart vehicle detector magnetic sensor for access traffic light control system

ROSIM wireless vehicle detection system uses magneto-resistive wireless sensors to detect vehicle presence and movement. We are determining to  flexibility, dependence , low-cost and maintenance free, traffic management applications.

System Overview
By capture the tiny change of magnetism caused by the passing vehicle,Wireless Vehicle Detector (WVD)will send all of information on it to the access point (Gateway), and then the access point aggregates the data from individual sensors and can report key traffic parameters including the vehicle velocity, length, type and occupy rate to the user systems through RS-232/485, Internet, GPRS, etc.
  1. 1.Longer expected life than average loop
  2. 2.Impervious to weather
  3. 3.Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures and worker exposure
  4. 4.Superior accuracy, dependability, and extensibility
  5. 5.Self-calibrating, self-tuning
  6. 6.Easily deployed in complex configurations
  7. 7.weatherproof, anti-press
  1. Vehicle Counting system


It is wide used in arterial and freeway traffic data collection system. ROSIM traffic system provides accurate Volume data. These real-time traffic data measures enable monitoring of congestion to optimize your traffic operations.

  1. Automated traffic lights controlling system


Wireless vehicle sensor detects and transmits real-time data on all directions,  and Wireless Access Point get the data via antenna. The traffic controller systems get and analyze the traffic flow data, and calculate the best traffic scheme, controlling traffic lights release time.  On improving transportation effiency and saving drivers' time.

Red light enforcement control

There two vehicle detector at the entrance for detecting a coming, leaving and transmitting the information.When a vehicle passed the detector will trigger the camera take a picture.

Traveling information system


The detector is installed in specified road, detect every vehicle pass by, and transmit the real-time information to traffic management systems via wireless access points. The user systems can calculate the traffic flows by analyzing the data.

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