Customizable Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Machine (62259638722)

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Product Overview


Product Description
Full Automatic Paper Foil Stamping Deep Embossing Die Cutting Machine For Wine Box
Product Features

The successful way to add value at a cost effective price.

Ordinary stamping, stamping and embossing in one pass, stamping followed by printing, hologram stamping laser foil seam line correction

The perfect balance of temperature, speed and pressure in stamping is not only dependent on a skilled operator, but also on an accurate and reliable foil stamping machine.

It can handle complicate foil advance calculation, both manually and automatically. It is equipped with the functions of hologram and laser foil seam line correction. It can run large format stamping, with foil advance at high speed operation.

1. Sheet feed section

3 devices prevent feeder from crashing. Lateral manual adjustment device for feeder pile. The power feeder is equipped with 4 lifting suction cups and 4 transport suction cups; the lateral direction of suction cups are adjustable according to the paper deformation. Blowers on both sides of the feed system separate the product for a smooth feeding process. 1060YMI equips the two-directional electrical fine adjustment to give easier operation.


2. Feed table

A timing belt is used for the feed table which improves presentation to the front and side lays. The slow-down device is useful when feeding thin paper. Sheet detectors and control systems reduce paper waste. The side guides can be changed quickly from push to pull by the simple adjustment of one screw.


3. Platen press section

The worm wheel and worm set products are imported from Taiwan whilst the crankshaft is manufactured in our own machining center. The key transmission parts provide our customer with reliability and durability. The platen parts and base are made of ductile iron in line with British Meehanite casting standard.


4. Stamping section

The foil unwind system is equipped with 4 advance shafts (standard configuration). This ensures smooth, accurate foil feeding with excellent tension control properties. The used foil removal brushes are controlled with high quality imported servo motors. The honeycomb chase is made of special thermal resistant materials. The heated bed consists of 20 heating zones which gives accurate heating properties on complicated foil stamping jobs.

The man-machine interface has a user-friendly operation. All electric controls are designed in the program. The program can handle complex foil advance calculations, With the precise calculation, the program efficiently improves foil usage. The hologram foil stamping accuracy is ±0.2 mm. The system accurately controls the foil advance devices, the system can feed foil from a 740 mm maximum to a 1 mm minimum even running at high speed.


5. Foil unwind device and hologram unit

The versatile foil unwind device has been designed to make operation more efficient and safe. It ensures foil stamping accuracy and stability. The optional hologram unit with mechanical clutch system improves hologram foil tension and accurate registration.


6. Foil detector

The foil break detectors react to foil breaks immediately and accurately to avoid problem caused by incidental foil break. The detector are made of imported high quality components.


7. The air blast separation device

The adjustable air jets provide variable amounts of air to separate foil smoothly at high speed. Each nozzle can be individually opened and closed.

Size Information
Technical Data
Max sheet size
1060 mm×760 mm 41.73×29.92 in
Min sheet size
450 mm×360 mm 17.71×14.71 in
Max embossing size
1045 mm×745 mm 41.14×19.33 in
Max stamping size
1020 mm×730 mm 40.15×18.74 in
Gripper margin
13±4 mm
Inner chase size
1120 mm×779 mm 44.09×30.66 in
Sheet weight(g/m2)
90~2000 g
Sheet thickness
0.1~2 mm
Die cutting accuracy
Stamping accuracy
Max working pressure
320-650 T Adjustable
Max die cutting speed
7700 s/h
The foil feeding system (press 1)
4 longitudinal
Max foil diameter in longitudinal
250 mm 9.84in
Max stamping speed
6,500 s/h
Max Embossing speed
5,500 s/h
Max feeder pile height (wooden pallet included)
1,150 mm 45.27 in
Max delivery pile height (wooden pallet included)
1,000 mm 39.37 in
Foil width
20~1,020 mm
Electrical heating system
20 heating zones, 40~180℃ adjustable
Main motor wattage / rated wattage
11 KW / 25 KW
Full load wattage
50.6 KW
Air supply
0.6~0.7 MPa, ≥0.6 m3/min
W: pedal plate included
5,800 mm×4,550 mm×2,050 mm
228.34×179.13×80.70 in
Machine weight
After Sales Service

Warrantee: one-year guarantee, defective spare parts can be replaced for free charge by post.

  1. Installation: the charge (accommodation, food, round air-tickets, visa and 100$/day salary) shall be paid by the buyer in case need technician installation.

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