Anti-rust photovoltaic bracket for ramming vs solar ground mounting solution ground pile system

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Product Overview


Ground Mounting System

CHIKO Pile-Driven Ground Mount

The CHIKO Driven-pile Ground Mount, designed for servicing to large-scale solar farm (1-100MW), with its cost-effective and easy installation, without any compromise on design, quality, delivery or cost. It required no ground screw pile or concrete base.


Item No.


Quantity (2x8=16 Panels)



CHIKO Solar Standard C80 Rail 4200 mm




CHIKO Solar Standard C80 Rail Splice Kit




CHIKO Solar Standard C80 Rail Fixing Kit




CHIKO Solar Mid clamp 40mm with plate




CHIKO Solar End clamp 40mm with plate




CHIKO Solar Pile Structure




CHIKO Solar Pipe Back Suppoprt 2550 mm


Quantity will be adjusted upon the spacing and arrays

4GW Installed Worldwide

CHIKO has been on the solar market for 12 years, Experience in international projects with distribution networks extended to 8 countries, will be your reliable warrantor in the future.
CHIKO Pile-Driven ground mount systems stands for the quick and easy mounting, high economic effciency for big solar plant. High grade materials ensure 10 years durability guarantee and life-line long to 25 years.


Your Benefits

• State-of-the-art production procedures, effcient manufacturing
• Strong production capacity: 200MW/month, fast delivery
• High level pre-assembly, time saving installation
• Soil type analysis and structural calculation
ISO-certified, top quality
• Well-known brand, be one step ahead to tenders




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CHIKO More Ground Solar Mounting Solution

Pe-cut and pre-dilled for simple assembly in the field, improve the installation efficiency, saving time and labor cost for the construction of large-scaled solar farm. Provide 10 year warranty & over 30-year services life.

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Project Application

CHIKO focus on manufacturing and design Solar Mounting System for more than 10 years, CHIKO products was installed in more than 120 countries.The customer design is available. Anything further question and more solution, Contact us !


About Us

CHIKO’s origins date to 2008, as a high technology company that specializes in providing the solar mounting solutions in addition to design, manufacturing & selling, for utilities, commercial,industrial and residential projects.

CHIKO strives towards high operational efficiency.


CHIKO operate 2 manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Suqian, Totally covering 30,000 square meters and 8 produciton lines which allows Chiko maintain 1.8GW of annual capacity for aluminum and steel products. We are aims to accelerate the autmation of the equipments, to achieve it 80% in the next 3 years for automate processing, automate machining, automate cleaning, and automate packing. From production to management, maintain its leading position in the solar industry.


Sales & Service Network

CHIKO Headquartered in Shanghai , China. CHIKO has set up the office and warehouse across several countries including Australia, the United States, Mexico, Nederland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Korea. CHIKO, create the values for customers!


Logistics team with logistics company
Do all price terms

10-14 days for roof mounting
14-21 Ground mounting



Why Choose Us




R & D

CHIKO R&D team, of more than 10 peoples, 4 designers & 7 civil engineers leading by the doctor who registered as the 1st class structural engineer in China, is the members of various international organizations to set the standards for our products. We Continuously accelerate the developing of new products and technolgies, from its strength in fixed solar mounting to solar tracking system and energy storages.


Quality Control

Currently, Chiko products owns several certifications by the third parties like, UL, SGS,Gamcorp, Intertek, and SPAD etc.We Continuously accelerate the developing of new products and technolgies, from its strength in fixed solar mounting to solar tracking system and energy storages


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