Environmentally friendly high solids white latex, white latex water, slow drying glue

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High solid white latex

Features: 1, especially slow drying, can be used for assembly line operations, strong initial adhesion,

2, environmentally friendly products with low VOC content, low odor

Uses: Suitable for all kinds of printed matter, various paper and cardboard, sponge, wood and cardboard, copper paper and gray cardboard composite, also suitable for general wine box production

Price: 0.72 USD/KG


White Latex is a modified white latex and a good binder that is outstanding in many applications.
Balance the cost and performance. Outstanding performance is good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and plasticized
Performance, and the use of a variety of additives to add, with better synergistic viscosity, and rapidly developed "fiber tear
PP glue is a white liquid, which is an aqueous system with a certain degree of softness. This emulsion has a slight monomer.
Taste, performance is very stable, can be stored for 6 months under natural environmental conditions.
Second, the application area:
Construction: interior and exterior coatings, building adhesives, roofing and underground waterproofing, interface agents, caulking and water
Mud mortar modifier.
Adhesive field: as a binder for wood and its products, production of various mixed boards, sawn boards, and veneer
Bonding, bonding paper, packaging bags, paper-plastic composites, fiber materials, etc.
Textile field: tufted carpet. Needle-punched carpet, woven carpet, artificial fur, non-woven fabric, electrostatic flocking, decorative cloth
Coating, etc.
Light chemical industry: PVC / wood, PVC / paper, foam ink carrier, paper wall coating.
Third, the packaging specifications: 50KG / barrel, 200KG / barrel




Q1). Could you please give me the quality sample?
If you need some sample for reference,please let us know your fully address/ship
mode with courier,and we will arrange our available sample for your reference.
Please pay the shipping cost to us , Our DHL account have certificate which can deliver t
Chemical ink .
Q2). What is the delivery cost?

It deliver by DHL express , we have get 60% discount of DHL , so the shipping cost is cheap .
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2-3 days , depending on the quantity  , we almost have safe stock .
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We accept L/C ,T/T ,Western Union , Paypal , Escrow .

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