2017 Early Spring Yunan Puer Tea Ancient Tree Bingdao, The Sweetest Raw Puer Tea Cake 200g

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2017 Early Spring Yunan Puer Tea Ancient Tree Bingdao,
The Sweetest Raw Puer Tea Cake 200g.
Product Name
2017 Early Spring Yunan Puer Tea Ancient Tree Bingdao, The Sweetest Raw Puer Tea Cake 200g
About the tea
Ancient tree tea from Bingdao with a history of more than 200 years. Bingdao is a remote village inhabited by Dai people, located in Mengku County, Lincang City. The brewed tea has a strong aroma, and the mouth and throat are cool. The raw tea begins to have a strong bitter taste, which immediately transforms into a nectar-like sweetness. The tea has a strong aroma, which is pleasant and full of vitality. 

China's love for Bingdao ancient tree tea is beyond people's imagination. In recent years, the price of the top Bingdao ancient tree pure tea has been very, very expensive. But there are also some low-priced Bingdao teas, partly because they are shoddy, such as using tableland tea to pretend to be ancient tree tea, and of course there are other reasons. The age of the tea tree, the price of ancient tree tea over 500 years or more is very expensive. In addition, the production process of ancient tree tea is also very important. Machine-made tea leaves cannot be compared with experienced hand-made tea. Whether it is raw tea or ripe tea, the requirements for the craft are very high, not every tea is perfect, and the later storageand transformation is also very important.

We carefully select each batch of tea, and control the quality from the source of the tea. The tea tree is older than 100 years old, but our Bingdao old tree is basically over 200 years old. We select the best quality tea. Senior tea engineer for more than 30 years, with rich  experience, production, and careful production of every piece of Icelandic ancient tree tea.

Processing Type
Yunnan big-leaf
sun-dried maocha.
Net Weight: 200g
Production Year
Yunnan Deng Xuan Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.
Health Benefit
Many scientific studies on puer tea show that it may: reduce cholesterol in the blood stream; reduce body weight; help to reduce high blood pressure, heart & liver diseases related to high saturated fat diets; detoxify the liver; help prevent intestinal infection, digestive problems and constipation; help to prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body due to its anti-oxidants.
We provide OEM service. We provide products according to customer designs. Our standard package is:
200g/pc, 5pcs/tong
Puer tea cakes are wrapped with cotton paper
Carton Size: L 60cm, W 40cm, H 20cm
Carton Material: corrugated paper
Shelf Life
Long time under suitable storage condition. It gets better with age.
Storage Condition
Store in the clean, ventilated and dry place without light, odor or dirt
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Ancient Tree Tea

What are the major nutrition ingredients in tea?
Many chemical components are good for health, and the important ones include vitamin, theine, multi hydroxybenzene, amino acid and aromatic substances. 

How should I store my Pu-erh tea?
Pu-erh Tea's quality never fades as years go by, it is traditionally compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage. But, the tea must neither be placed amid substances with peculiar smell nor in dampness, 70% humidity is a good target. Don't keep it hermetically sealed, breathable packaging is suitable for aging. 

Pu-erh Tea Storage Methord?
Pu-erh tea is traditionally compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage:
Keep the storage space free from odors.Do not use unsuitable packaging materials wrap the teas. Breathable packaging is suitable for aging, just keep it in original factory packing is fine.Maintain a proper air flow.Do not keep it in a damp musty basement. 70% humidity is a good target.Avoid high fluctuation of temperature.

How to drink pu erh tea? What is the most salubrious timing to drink tea?
A cup of tea in the morning can refresh your soul and mind; drinking tea during work can eliminate fatigue, enhance energy and facilitate thinking and judgment. Drinking tea when smoking can help alleviate the harm produced by tar and nicotine. And a cup of tea when watching TV can not only contribute to restoring eyesight, but also relieve the harm brought by slight radiation. Among all of the above, the best time for drinking tea varies according to different people, surroundings and working conditions. It is hard to say when is the best time for drinking tea. Drinking tea for thirst is rather personal: whenever you feel like it, you can drink it. 
Aged Pu-erh tea is created by secondary-oxidation and post-fermentation tea. This type of Pu-erh tea is referred to as ripened, or cooked, Pu-erh, which has a rich, mellow and earthy flavor. Unlike many other teas which should be consumed shortly after production, such as green and white teas, Pu-erh tea can either be brewed immediately or it can be stored and aged for many years, much like a fine wine. Most Pu-erh teas are classified by the year they were produced and the region they were grown in, much like many wine vintages. In fact, when it comes to Pu-erh tea, the longer it is stored and aged properly, the more complex the flavor and the more valuable the tea gets. Many aged Pu-erh teas are served in Chinese restaurants after heavy meals, as Pu-erh tea is known for it's ability to break down fat, also making it a great weight loss tea! 

I have heard about that smokers should drink more tea. Is that true?
It is true that drinking tea can minimize the harm of tobaccos. Nicotine of tobacco will retract blood-vessel, accelerate arteriosclerosis and decrease content of vitamin C , absorbed by our body. So smokers drinking tea can reinforce vitamin C of the body effectively. The more important thing is that tea polyphenol can inhibit carcinogenic substances. So I advise you to drink more tea in order to decrease the harm of tobacco, for the sake of your health. 

Function of Puer Tea

Slimming for ladies
Per tea contains tea polyphenol, vitamin C, caffeine and effective microbial community as result of the fermentation process, which help you to keep skim by reducing and decompose fat taken in by small intestine.

Good for skin for ladies
Puer tea improves metabolism and blood circulation, and helps to balance skin pH value, and is good for smooth and healthy skin.

Computer radiation resistance for office ladies
Office ladies and store owners are subject to long-time computer radiation. Keep drinking Puer tea can reduce harmful effects brought by cobalt-60.

Good for stomach for people who without regular meals
Great work stress and irregular meals may result in stomach diseases, and Puer tea is good for your stomach and help to reduce the risk of stomach disease. 

Sobering up for smokers, drinkers
Tea polyphenol and alkaloid contained in Puer tea help to decompose hazardous substances contained in drinks wines and cigarettes.

Blood pressure reduction and lipid lowering for the senior
Theine, vitamin C and other nutrients contained in Puer tea helps vasodilatation, lowers bloods pressure and softens blood vessels.

Company Information

Yunnan Deng Xuan Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and development of Chinese puer tea from gushu (old aged tea tree). Our main product is Chinese puer tea from gushu (old aged tea tree) in loose leaf and compressed form. With the export and import business license, we have established long-term and friendly relationship with the customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Hongkong area, etc.

Our Tea Plantations

Yunnan Dengxuan Pu'er tea is only made of ancient tree tea over 100 years old. Our company currently owns 130 acres of ancient tree tea gardens, and also has established cooperative relations with other tea farmers, and has the privilege of first purchasing high-quality ancient tree tea. We control the quality from the source and strictly select different grades of Pu'er tea.

In 21 years, we have witnessed the short history of Pu'er, drank Pu'er tea of ​​different tastes and qualities, and visited all
the Pu'er tea mountains in Yunnan. All this is worth it. It has been 14 years since Dengxuan was established. Fortunately,
Dengxuan now owns Menghai, Yiwu Mountain, Nannuo Mountain, Jingmai Mountain, Bulang Mountain, Laobanzhang, Lincang Fengqing County (mainly black tea ) And other places ancient tree tea gardens. This is our biggest advantage.

At the same time, we now have 7 primary tea processing plants (and 2 primary processing plants ready to be listed), 4 refined processing plants, more than 20,000 square meters of tea workshops, and the introduction of static electricity. Advanced tea-making equipment such as automatic cleaning machines, automatic screening machines, and more than ten senior engineers with more than 30 years of tea-making experience, with an annual production capacity of nearly 4,000 tons.

All our efforts are just to allow more people to taste better Pu'er tea and appreciate the unique charm of Pu'er tea.
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