Door panel PUR laminating and wrapping machine (62275767000)

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Price:RUB 743,271.00 - RUB 1,486,542.00
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Product Overview


Two sides wrapping

Working panel: two sides wrapping

Width adjust by screw rod.

--working thickness                   :5-35mm

--max.wrapping film width      :660 mm

--Min.process length                 :300mm

--Min.process width                  :280mm

--feeding speed                           : 0-25m/min

--Total power                             : 25kw

--Max.diameter of roll              : 400mm

-weight                                        :2500kg

--dimension                                : 9000 x 1500 x 1800 mm



1. Feeding conveyor :Feeding conveyor frame is made of sheet metal bending parts Q235A welded ,feeding roller is made of good quality steel tube , feeding stable, length of the roller is 1000mm,using the “8”type belt to feed ,feeding stable, shake smaller , no noise , feeding conveyor using reducer RV63-75 ,driver motor : 0.75kw.





2. Dust cleaner:

Dust clean machine: the clean brushed for cleaning the surface of panel,Reducer motor: RV50,motor: 0.25KW


3. Infrared lamp heating tunnel

There are 8 infrared lamps ,every piece is 1kw,heating fast,save power,focus temperature .The temperature of base board surface is around 30-40 degree ,so that the glue not easy get a film when meet different temperature .



4. PUR  scrap Glue blade

- closed scrap blade, the cutter apart from the middle, single side wheel with digital display.

- The PUR glue will go though the glue hose to glue blade after melting.

- The glue seat base on the profile seat ,the glue seat can be move forward and backward around 500mm , it can be easy clean and correct position .

-Feeding and glue spread with manual and automatic function, manual used for correct the position of PVC film with glue blade,automatic used for normal produce to sensor profile feeding ,glue blade can close to” V” groove ,and start gluing ,



5. Two groups laminating machine.

Two groups rubber roller in diameter 240mmx 900mm(length),the first surface roller is silicon roller, the second surface roller is steel roller, conveyor roller is :rubber roller240.



Lifting adjust by stainless steel slider ,it is can lift at same time ,and pressure is heavy.

Using the air expander to hold pvc, tension controller is magnetic powder brake, adjust the force automatic, laminating is good.



The electric hoist 500KG,power is 2.2kw,using the lifter and can decrease the workers.



6.Wrapping machines for both sides






7.55 gallon melt system

-This equipment with more function ,such like heating control ,compression function ,liquid output and gluing function .

-The solid glue can be melting fast under the press plate ,after the temperature reach to using temperature ,then start gear pump ,the glue will be squeeze into to glue pump and

 go through  filter to glue gun .


-Glue barrel size :571mm

-Capacity of glue :180kg/h

-The glue pipes :1-4

-Working temperature :Normal -250℃


-Temperature accuracy :±1℃

-Heating power :18kw

-Glue pump power :0.75kw

-Air pressure : 0.1-0.8 pa

-Max platen stroke :1000mm


-Electric parts:France brand,Schneider

-Pneumatic brand :Taiwan  Airtac

-Machine control :PLC






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