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Product Overview


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Product Description

Designed for water quality experts,PFG-3085 Industrial Online Ions meter,it adopts latest micro-computer based high-end instrument.it’s for F-,CL-,Mg2+,Ca2+,NO3-,NH+,Na ,K+etc(Fluoride ion,Calcium ion,water hardness,Magnesium ions,Chloride ion,Nitrate ion,Ammonia,sodium, Potassium ion etc).PFG-3085 online ion analyzer is with data logger function for 500 000times, 2 ways of 4-20mA,3 relays and RS485 modbus RTU.


Technical Parameters of Calcium Ion Hardness Test of Water

Measuring range

0~5000mg/L (ppm)

 F-,CL-,Mg2+,Ca2+,NO3-,NH+,Na ,K+etc


0.01 when less 1ppm,0.1 when less 10ppm,1ppm for other



Temp. compensation

Pt 1000/NTC10K

Temp. compensation range

-10.0 to +130.0℃

Temp. resolution


Ambient temperature range

0 to +70℃

Storage temp. 

-20 to +70℃


Back light, dot matrix

DO current output1

Isolated, 4 to 20mA output , max. load 500Ω

Temp. current output 2

Isolated, 4 to 20mA output , max. load 500Ω

Current output accuracy

±0.05 mA


Mod bus RTU protocol

Baud rate


Maximum relay contacts capacity


Cleaning setting

ON: 1 to 1000 seconds, OFF: 0.1 to 1000.0 hours

One multi function relay

clean/period alarm/error alarm

Relay delay

0-120 seconds

Data logging capacity


Language selection

English/traditional Chinese/simplified Chinese

Waterproof grade


Power supply

From 90 to 260 VAC, power consumption < 5 watts


panel/wall/pipe installation



 PFG-3085 Online Ions Meter is popular used for drinking water, waste water,fish farming,plating water,desulfurization slurry etc



BOQU was found since 2007, now has more 70 staff and engineers, instruments has be exported to over 75 countires.,Now BOQU has been named as High-Tech Enterprice by goverment,ISO,CE, SGS is our common certicates. the core technology of electrode ,controller and 50+ software property is our based. all instruments has been recognized by National Metrology Bureau.there is many small factories in China, you should be carefully if they provide you very low price. this is tips for you in free.


Factory Show

BOQU Instrument was found since 2007, now BOQU has more 70 staff and engineers and has core technology of electrodes and develope more 50+ software for various controllers by self.  -1.jpg


Our Services

BOQU is the biggest factory for Water Quality Analyzer in Shanghai China,we build the first High Temp Labotary in China.and we produce more 100 000 sensors and instruments every years.BOQU mainly products includes:Online PH Meter/ORP/pH sensor,Industrial Conductivity meter/sensor,Online Acid/Alkali meter/sensor,Online Dissolved oxygen meter/sensor,Online Turbidity meter/sensor,Online Residual/total chlorine meter/sensor,Online Ion meter/sensor,Online COD/BOD/Heavy metals meter 


Why to choose BOQU?

Why to choose BOQU Calcium Ion Hardness Test of Water?

1.National High-tech Enterprises Certificates

2.Instruments has been exported to over 70 countries.

3.BOQU has more 50+ Softwares property

4.100% QC inspection Before Shippment.

5. ISO,CE,SGS standard and factory price.

6.All instruments has been 100% recognized by Bureau of National  Metrology



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Factory address:No.118 xiuyan road,pudong district ,shanghai china, zip code:201315

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