Furniture Paint Diamond Painting Water Based Acrylic Paints Glow In Night Glow In The Dark Paint

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Q1 -  What makes your material glow? Is it safe? Is it radiactive? Is it toxic?

A1 - The material absorb and store light energy, then emit light in dark.

        The material is free of radiation, non-toxic. And YES, it is safe to human and environment.



Q2 - How long your pigment can glow?

A2 - Depends on what we define "glow". Under norm DIN67510 part 1, the brightness that is higher than                  0.32mcd/m2 (which is 100times of threhold of human eyes' sensibility to light) is defined as "glow".

       Under norm DIN67510, the pigments glow more than 20hours, some items even glow for weeks.

Q3 - How bright of your pigment?

A3 - The glow brightness of pigments is different from each other. Generally speaking, the larger pigment                 particle size, the brighter; Color-dyed glow pigments will lose some brightness, the darker, the lower of   brightness.  Taking TPY-6C as exmaple, in a closed dark room, use a D5 x H8cm glass tube to containing  the pigment. At 10cm distance, by the pigment's light, 12# Times New Roman characters is readable for  about 2hours; At a 3meters distance, the pigment is visible for 12+hours.



Q4 - How to use your photoluminescent pigment?

A4 - You may browse our using guideline published on webpage FAQ.

        If the contents didn't answer your questions, or any inquiry, feel free to contact us.

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