Plastic Extruder Granulator Two Stage Pelletizer For Recycle Plastic PP PE Granulating Machine

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Product Overview


Plastic Extruder Granulator Two Stage Pelletizer For Recycle Plastic PP PE Granulating Machine

Product Parameters

Equipment ModelKTE/SE-50/120
Screw Diameter(mm)50.5120
Screw Length To Diameter Ratio24~487~20
Screw Speed(r/min)50085
Main Motor Power(KW)4530~37
Typical Operating Capacity(kg/h)100~350

Product Description

Application of two stage extrusion

Mixingnature-changing:PE,PP,PS+SBS,PA+EPDM,PP+NBR,EVA+Silicon rubber



powder,titanic powder

PP,PA,ABS+ferrous powder,sulphuric powder,ceramic powder

PVC cable material, sole material, wood-plastic composite, transparent bottle material, medical

material, low smoke non-halogen or halogenfree flame retardant cable material, EVA shielding

material, PE/EVA carbon black masterbatch.

warehousing industry: such as the cases and wood-plastic pallets used for materials' movement.

Automobile industry: such as the door plates, compartment plates, roof plates etc.

Agriculture: such as stents and chamfer of vegetable shed

Transportation industry: such as protective barrier of highway, sleepers of railway, etc..

Construction industry: such as the template of construction, removable houses plates, door, window, stair armrest, decoration material, floor material, etc

Urban landscape: such as pavilion, chair, flower boxes, road floor, etc


Features of two stage extrusion

1.The first stage is KTE twin screw extruder without die. Through the combination of barrel and screw, the extruder can exert its strong ability the thermo sensibility material like PVC melting ,compounding, dispersing and decentralizing under the condition od o back pressure.

2.The second stage is SE single screw extruder. Because of the lower rotating speed, it can melting,compounding lengthways and forming strands steadily, avoiding over heating.

Material Process

Air-cooling hot-face pelletizing system

1. high-speed mixer  3.main feeder  5.twin screw extruder       4.Single screw extruder     6.Single screw extruder 

7.air-cooling hot-face pelletizer   9.vibrating sieve


This process is mainly used for pelletizing of materials that are likely to absorb water,or are not easily dewatered or dried,or to which moisture content may result in adverse effect on quality.AS materials never contact with water during the whole pelletizing process,there is no need to remove water. the grains of materials made by die set hot pelletizing are in full appearance,plump and good look.

Water-ring hot-face pelletizing line

1.Main feeder   2.Twin screw extruder  3. Single screw extruder  

4.Water-ring hot face Die head  5.Centrifugal dewater  6.Vibrating sieve  

7. Product silo


1.PVC cable granules

2.sole material

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A:Where is our factory?

We are in No.11,boai road,lukou street,jiangning district,nanjing city,jiangsu porvince,china

B:How to get to our factory?

(1)You can get to the lukou airport directly,then,connecting us and we will pick you up by car

(2)You can take the train to nanjing south station,then,taking the subway to get to xiangyulunan station,we will pick you up by car

C:Why choose us?

(1)We have complete system of designing of extrusion equipment

(2)We can privide thre perfect extrusion management solutions and extrusion equipment

(3)We could make you in a leading position in the industry

D:What's the payment method?

L/C,T/T,Western union

E:Can you see the running machine in our factory?

Yes.Before making your decision buying the equipment or not,you can bringsome material here to test-run the equipment

F:How long of the warranty time?

Our warranty period is 1 year

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