China Wet Grinding Ball Mill Price List

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China Wet Grinding Ball Mill Price List

Product Description


Ball mill is the key equipment for grinding after the crushing process in the beneficiation plant, it is used to grind kinds of materials such as copper oregold oremagnetite orequartzlead zinc ore and other materials into fine powder 20-75micrometer. Based on discharging type, It could be grate type,overflow type etc. What's more, the ball mill can be used for the dry and wet grinding for all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials.


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1. High-efficiency. Our ball mill adopts rolling bearing support instead of sliding bearing support with bearing bush. Therefore, it can save energy by 10-20%.

2. Simple structure, easy maintenance. Ball mill is mainly composed of feeding part, discharging part, turning part and driving part (reducer, small driving gear, electric motor and electric control). Convenient installation and debugging , easy to operate.

3. High processing capacity,obvious continuous operation advantages. The capacity can get 4.6-260 t/h.

4. Wide-range usage. Ball mill as an old grinding equipment in market, the technology is mature and operated steadily.




 Working Principal       Contact us


The ball mill is a homitted by the outer gear. The materials are transferred to the grinding chamber through the quill shaft uniformly. There are ladder liner and ripple liner and different specifications of steel balls in the chamber. The centrifugal force caused by rotation of barrel brings the steel balls to a certain height and impact and grind the materials. The ground materials are discharged through the discharging board thus the grinding process is finished. 


The price of a used small scale quartz grinding ball mill machine for sale



Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter:
ModelShell rotation speed(r/min)Ball load(t)Feeding size(mm)Discharging size((mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor power(kw)Total weight(t)
Φ900 x 1800361.5≤200.075-0.890.65 - 218.55.5
Φ900 x 3000382.7≤200.075-0.891.1- 3.5226.7
Φ1200 x 2400363≤250.075-0.61.5- 4.83012
Φ1200 x 3000363.5≤250.074-0.41.6-53712.8
Φ1200 x 4500365≤250.074-0.41.6-5.85513.8
Φ1500 x 300032.47.5≤250.074-0.42-57516.8
Φ1500 x 450029.711≤250.074-0.43-611021
Φ1500 x 57002712≤250.074-0.43.5-613025.8
Φ1830 x 300025.411≤250.074-0.44-1013029
Φ1830 x 450025.415≤250.074-0.44.5-1215535.5
Φ1830 x 640024.121≤250.074-0.46.5-1521043
Φ1830 x 700024.123≤250.074-0.47.5-1724543.8
Φ2100 x 300023.715≤250.074-0.46.5- 36155 or 18034.8
Φ2100 x 450023.724≤250.074-0.48- 4324542
Φ2100 x 700023.726≤250.074-0.48- 4828056.6
Φ2200 x 450021.527≤250.074-0.49- 4528051.8
Φ2200 x 650021.735≤250.074-0.414-2638060
Φ2200 x 700021.735≤250.074-0.415-2838062
Φ2200 x 750021.735≤250.074-0.415-3038064.8
Φ2400 x 30002123≤250.074-0.47-5024558
Φ2400 x 45002130≤250.074-0.48.5-6032069
Φ2700 x 400020.740≤250.074-0.412-8040 094
Φ2700 x 450020.748≤250.074-0.412-90480102
Φ3200 x 45001865≤250.074-0.4According to the process conditions630137
Φ3600 x 45001790≤250.074-0.4According to the process conditions10 00158
Φ3600 x 600017110≤250.074-0.4According to the process conditions1250175
Φ3600 x 850018131≤250.074-0.445.8 - 2561800252
Φ4000 x 500016.9121≤250.074-0.445 - 2081500203
Φ4000 x 600016.9146≤250.074-0.465 - 2481600218
Φ4000 x 670016.9149≤250.074-0.445 - 2521800238
Φ4500 x 640015.6172≤250.074-0.454 - 3062000280
Φ5030 x 640014.4216≤250.074-0.468 - 3862600320
Φ5030 x 830014.4266≤250.074-0.488 - 5003300403
Φ5500 x 850013.8338≤250.074-0.4108 - 6154500525


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*Help customers to choose product.
*Freely send engineers to the working field to plan the installation site and design the best technical production process.
*Design the special product according to the contract.



*Send the engineers to guide the installation.
*Install and adjust the equipment for customers.
*Train the operator for customers.
*We also provide the technical service for our customers after the installation.

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Henan Shibo Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd.

We committed to designing, producing grinding mills, crushers,conveyors, feeding machines, drying and calcinating as well as beneficiation equipments and etc, which are widely applied in electricity, metallurgy, mine and quarry, wharf, granary, chemical industry. 
Our products have been spreaded all over China, and also exported to European,American, Asian, African countries and enjoyed great popularity among our customers.

New design raymond grinding mill powder grinder machine price for sale

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New design raymond grinding mill powder grinder machine price for sale


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